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Today is a special challenge for all of us. The Covid 19 pandemic is making deep furrows in people’s lives. The economic situation of many people is uncertain. Tourist destinations such as Koh Samui, Phuket and Pattaya are particularly affected. Hotels, restaurants, bars and shops had to close. Most of the tourists canceled their short-term trips and the tourists who were already in the holiday resorts here in Thailand were brought back to their home countries. Almost all air traffic within Thailand’s was shut down. On Koh Samui, for example, the airport was closed completely (as of April 29, 2020). The government plans to reopen on April 15, 2020. Bangkok Airways will then fly to Koh Samui twice a day. Depending on the course of the Covid – 19 virus, further loosening will result.

Many of our Doctor-Property clients contact us and inquire about real estate discounts on Koh Samui. Due to the economic situation worldwide and the slump in tourism in Thailand, many customers hope to be able to buy property at very good conditions and with great discounts. Real estate is relatively stable in value in times of very fluctuating circumstances. Investments, such as stocks, government bonds, precious metals, or currencies can be very volatile. Real estate, especially here on Samui, is characterized by its value retention and your very good return opportunities. Yields of 6% per year are common and very well managed houses also achieve double-digit returns. In most cases, property owners on Koh Samui are very wealthy and do not have to follow the trend of property devaluation and can sit out the current crisis. That is certainly a certain regional difference to many western real estate markets, such as in Europe and America.

Nevertheless, there are some ways to buy very good properties with high discounts. You can find some of these Doctor-Property offers here.

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