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If there is heaven anywhere on Earth, Ko Samui is the closest match to a paradise on earth. Covered extensively by thick, dense forested vegetation from all sides, this desolate and secluded island almost appears to be cradled and nurtured by Nature itself as it were its choicest picks. Ko Samui is one of the many island locations of Thailand which are now seeing increased attention from foreigners and real estate magnates as a prime destination for investment in lavish residential projects, as a means of diverting the congestion away from Bangkok, Pattaya & Phuket. And of the prime attributes of this hidden location which makes it extremely lucrative for property investors and developers alike, is the availability of exclusive sea front properties in the lap of lush greenery and surrounded by natural cordon of mountains, thereby producing a readymade canvas for picturesque views from every home. When the West is steadily moving towards becoming a concrete jungle devoid of any natural canopy, and prosperous Thai locations such as Bangkok and Phuket following suit fast, finding a getaway retreat away from the congestion traffic and crowds is becoming increasingly difficult, even for a price. Ko Samui lies off the Gulf of Thailand on the east coast and is a popular tourist destination for its attractive locations, unadulterated natural vegetative cover and best of all eye watering beaches with palm trees lined along the periphery making for aesthetic viewing in the backdrop of the crystal clear turquoise blue ocean water and a pleasantly inviting weather. The climate needs a commendable mention for its ability to remain inevitably conducive like an ever conspiring accomplice, for initiating celebrations or relaxing right from the break of dawn. With just one month of heavy rain annually, Ko Samui promises eleven months of unending fun and frolic for patrons and visitors alike making it the new chosen destination for tourists and expats. 

If this fuels your interest and curiosity to invest in a property in Ko Samui the best way to approach the desire is through a real estate property agency based in Ko Samui. A professional real estate agency already has all the necessary preliminary formalities arranged and prepared in the form of a template to facilitate the bid on an expedited time frame. With established connects in the government and in the necessary diplomatic quarters, a professional real estate agency is critical to eliminating any incubation period before a foreign investor can claim ownership over any property in Ko Samui.

Our strong presence in the Thai real estate sector enabled by our diplomatic ties connects the government relations suitably to leverage our presence as a notable and reliable player in the real estate market. This is additionally supplemented by our strong and active digital presence which makes it easier to verify our authority and establish relationships to initiate the paperwork for the property investment much ahead of the investor’s physical arrival in Ko Samui, thereby maximizing returns of the investment from every angle.

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