Trouvez votre nouvelle propriété à Koh Samui! - 1% De Remise En Argent & Garantie Du Meilleur Prix *


If there is hea­ven anyw­here on Earth, Ko Samui is the clo­sest match to a para­dise on earth. Cove­red exten­si­ve­ly by thick, dense fores­ted vege­ta­tion from all sides, this deso­late and seclu­ded island almost appears to be crad­led and nur­tu­red by Nature itself as it were its choi­cest picks. Ko Samui is one of the many island loca­tions of Thai­land which are now seeing increa­sed atten­tion from forei­gners and real estate magnates as a prime des­ti­na­tion for invest­ment in lavish resi­den­tial pro­jects, as a means of diver­ting the conges­tion away from Bangkok, Pat­taya & Phu­ket. And of the prime attri­butes of this hid­den loca­tion which makes it extre­me­ly lucra­tive for pro­per­ty inves­tors and deve­lo­pers alike, is the avai­la­bi­li­ty of exclu­sive sea front pro­per­ties in the lap of lush gree­ne­ry and sur­roun­ded by natu­ral cor­don of moun­tains, the­re­by pro­du­cing a rea­dy­made can­vas for pic­tu­resque views from eve­ry home. When the West is stea­di­ly moving towards beco­ming a concrete jungle devoid of any natu­ral cano­py, and pros­pe­rous Thai loca­tions such as Bangkok and Phu­ket fol­lo­wing suit fast, fin­ding a geta­way retreat away from the conges­tion traf­fic and crowds is beco­ming increa­sin­gly dif­fi­cult, even for a price. Ko Samui lies off the Gulf of Thai­land on the east coast and is a popu­lar tou­rist des­ti­na­tion for its attrac­tive loca­tions, una­dul­te­ra­ted natu­ral vege­ta­tive cover and best of all eye wate­ring beaches with palm trees lined along the per­iphe­ry making for aes­the­tic vie­wing in the back­drop of the crys­tal clear tur­quoise blue ocean water and a plea­sant­ly invi­ting wea­ther. The cli­mate needs a com­men­dable men­tion for its abi­li­ty to remain inevi­ta­bly condu­cive like an ever conspi­ring accom­plice, for ini­tia­ting cele­bra­tions or relaxing right from the break of dawn. With just one month of hea­vy rain annual­ly, Ko Samui pro­mises ele­ven months of unen­ding fun and fro­lic for patrons and visi­tors alike making it the new cho­sen des­ti­na­tion for tou­rists and expats. 

If this fuels your inter­est and curio­si­ty to invest in a pro­per­ty in Ko Samui the best way to approach the desire is through a real estate pro­per­ty agen­cy based in Ko Samui. A pro­fes­sio­nal real estate agen­cy alrea­dy has all the neces­sa­ry pre­li­mi­na­ry for­ma­li­ties arran­ged and pre­pa­red in the form of a tem­plate to faci­li­tate the bid on an expe­di­ted time frame. With esta­bli­shed connects in the govern­ment and in the neces­sa­ry diplo­ma­tic quar­ters, a pro­fes­sio­nal real estate agen­cy is cri­ti­cal to eli­mi­na­ting any incu­ba­tion per­iod before a forei­gn inves­tor can claim owner­ship over any pro­per­ty in Ko Samui.

Our strong pre­sence in the Thai real estate sec­tor enabled by our diplo­ma­tic ties connects the govern­ment rela­tions sui­ta­bly to leve­rage our pre­sence as a notable and reliable player in the real estate mar­ket. This is addi­tio­nal­ly sup­ple­men­ted by our strong and active digi­tal pre­sence which makes it easier to veri­fy our autho­ri­ty and esta­blish rela­tion­ships to ini­tiate the paper­work for the pro­per­ty invest­ment much ahead of the inves­tor’s phy­si­cal arri­val in Ko Samui, the­re­by maxi­mi­zing returns of the invest­ment from eve­ry angle.

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