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Chaweng Koh Samui - Real Estate Doctor Property
Silver bea­ch, Crystal Bea­ch bea­ch view at Koh Samui Island Thai­land


If the­re is heaven anywhe­re on Ear­th, Ko Samui is the clo­se­st match to a para­di­se on ear­th. Cove­red exten­sive­ly by thi­ck, den­se fore­sted vege­ta­tion from all sides, this deso­la­te and seclu­ded island almo­st appea­rs to be cra­dled and nur­tu­red by Natu­re itse­lf as it were its choi­ce­st picks. Ko Samui is one of the many island loca­tions of Thai­land whi­ch are now seeing inc­rea­sed atten­tion from forei­g­ners and real esta­te mag­na­tes as a pri­me desti­na­tion for inve­stment in lavi­sh resi­den­tial pro­je­cts, as a means of diver­ting the con­ge­stion away from Bangkok, Patta­ya & Phu­ket. And of the pri­me att­ri­bu­tes of this hidden loca­tion whi­ch makes it ext­re­me­ly luc­ra­tive for pro­per­ty inve­sto­rs and deve­lo­pers ali­ke, is the avai­la­bi­li­ty of exclu­sive sea front pro­per­ties in the lap of lush gree­nery and sur­roun­ded by natu­ral cor­don of moun­tains, the­re­by pro­du­cing a rea­dyma­de canvas for pictu­re­sque vie­ws from every home. When the West is stea­di­ly moving towa­r­ds beco­ming a con­c­re­te jung­le devoid of any natu­ral cano­py, and pro­spe­rous Thai loca­tions such as Bangkok and Phu­ket follo­wing suit fast, fin­ding a geta­way ret­reat away from the con­ge­stion tra­ffic and cro­wds is beco­ming inc­rea­sing­ly diffi­cu­lt, even for a pri­ce. Ko Samui lies off the Gulf of Thai­land on the east coa­st and is a popu­lar tou­ri­st desti­na­tion for its att­ra­ctive loca­tions, una­du­lte­ra­ted natu­ral vege­ta­tive cover and best of all eye wate­ring bea­ches with palm trees lined along the peri­phery making for aesthe­tic vie­wing in the backd­rop of the crystal clear tur­quoi­se blue ocean water and a plea­san­tly invi­ting wea­ther. The cli­ma­te nee­ds a commen­da­ble men­tion for its abi­li­ty to remain inevi­ta­bly con­du­cive like an ever con­spi­ring acco­mpli­ce, for ini­tia­ting cele­b­ra­tions or rela­xing rig­ht from the break of dawn. With just one mon­th of heavy rain annua­lly, Ko Samui pro­mi­ses eleven mon­ths of unen­ding fun and fro­lic for pat­rons and visi­to­rs ali­ke making it the new cho­sen desti­na­tion for tou­ri­sts and expa­ts. 

If this fue­ls your inte­re­st and curio­si­ty to inve­st in a pro­per­ty in Ko Samui the best way to app­roa­ch the desi­re is throu­gh a real esta­te pro­per­ty agen­cy based in Ko Samui. A pro­fe­ssio­nal real esta­te agen­cy alrea­dy has all the nece­ssa­ry pre­li­mi­na­ry for­ma­li­ties arran­ged and pre­pa­red in the form of a templa­te to faci­li­ta­te the bid on an expe­di­ted time fra­me. With esta­bli­shed con­ne­cts in the gover­n­ment and in the nece­ssa­ry diplo­ma­tic qua­r­ters, a pro­fe­ssio­nal real esta­te agen­cy is cri­ti­cal to eli­mi­na­ting any incu­ba­tion period befo­re a forei­gn inve­stor can claim owner­ship over any pro­per­ty in Ko Samui.

Our strong pre­sen­ce in the Thai real esta­te sector ena­bled by our diplo­ma­tic ties con­ne­cts the gover­n­ment rela­tions sui­ta­bly to leve­ra­ge our pre­sen­ce as a nota­ble and relia­ble pla­yer in the real esta­te mar­ket. This is addi­tio­na­lly supple­men­ted by our strong and active digi­tal pre­sen­ce whi­ch makes it easier to veri­fy our autho­ri­ty and esta­bli­sh rela­tion­shi­ps to ini­tia­te the paper­wo­rk for the pro­per­ty inve­stment much ahead of the investor’s physi­cal arrival in Ko Samui, the­re­by maxi­mi­zing retu­r­ns of the inve­stment from every ang­le.


Ko Samui is lite­ra­lly the late­st trea­su­re che­st of unta­mpe­red natu­ral beau­ties and deli­g­hts to be unea­r­thed in Thai­land after the prior pro­spe­cts Bangkok, Phu­ket & Patta­ya are app­roa­ching inevi­ta­ble satu­ra­tion compli­men­ted by sur­ging pri­ces in real esta­te. So for tho­se from the West loo­king to unwind in the lap of sun­shi­ne, bea­ches and tro­pi­cal deli­g­hts whi­le stee­ring clear from the noi­se, con­ge­stion and cro­wds, Ko Samui loo­ks the bets pro­ba­ble match. However, all is not well on the sho­res of Ko Samui. Even befo­re it had ari­sen out of its she­ll to emb­ra­ce its bri­g­ht futu­re with baby ste­ps, tro­pi­cal sto­rm Pabuk unlea­shed its wra­th lashing abso­lu­te mayhem as it passed throu­gh the Gulf of Thai­land.

When the ill fated tro­pi­cal sto­rm Pabuk arrived fina­lly as it cou­r­sed throu­gh the Gulf of Thai­land on, the­re was much ado for nothing as it passed by the nei­g­hbou­ring islan­ds of Ko Phan­gan and Ko Samui without impa­cting any major dama­ge. The sto­rm whi­ch was expe­cted to be equi­pped with the poten­tial to  comple­te­ly wipe out the Thai islan­ds into extin­ction was see­ming­ly qui­te har­mle­ss than was pre­di­cted as it left most of the ter­ri­to­ries it passed by unsca­thed and fina­lly dissi­pa­ting when it con­f­ron­ted the main­land strip.

Fer­ry boat servi­ces had remain ten­ta­tive­ly suspen­ded without fur­ther noti­ce as the sto­rm was fore­ca­st to lash out heavi­ly acro­ss the coa­st of Koh Samui and extend onto the Anda­man Coa­st as well with its impa­ct. However the fer­ry servi­ces from Sura­ttha­ni to Samui were laun­ched back in ope­ra­tion sho­r­tly after a two-day sto­p­gap as a pre­cau­tio­na­ry method again­st the sto­rm. The Ko Samui air­po­rt whi­ch was also shu­tdo­wn pre­ma­tu­re­ly as a safe­ty pre­cau­tion resu­med servi­ces after a brief lock down for two days.

Having said that, the wea­ther repo­r­ts have clea­r­ly sta­ted that the coa­st of Ko Samui wou­ld be reci­pient of erra­tic sho­wers and incle­ment wea­ther as a coro­lla­ry of the low pre­ssu­re pocket crea­ted by tro­pi­cal sto­rm Pabuk. As a resu­lt, bea­ch autho­ri­ties have pro­hi­bi­ted swi­mming and the bea­ch too has been kept out of boun­ds for tou­ri­sts and loca­ls as a safe­ty mea­su­re. This see­ms to be grave­st impa­ct in the after­ma­th of the Pabuk whi­ch tur­ned out to be qui­te a damp squid for the enti­re furo­re that it crea­ted prior to its arrival. Tou­ri­sts who had boo­ked into the island reso­rt during this period are lite­ra­lly on hou­se arre­st con­fi­ned to their hotel roo­ms for their own safe­ty con­cer­ns. Hote­ls and busi­ne­sses on the Koh Samui islan­ds however began clea­ning up behind the sto­rm soon after its depa­r­tu­re was announ­ced with no repo­r­ts of any major dama­ge from the tre­men­dous for­ce of win­ds and rain. All pro­per­ty owners and hospi­ta­li­ty fran­chi­ses have admi­tted to mini­mal or no dama­ge to their pro­per­ty or asse­ts with the major pro­blem being repo­r­ted as inconve­nien­ce cau­sed to pat­rons and tou­ri­sts stu­ck on the island during this period. Most loca­ls pla­yed down the impa­ct of Pabuk and in gene­ral any thun­der sto­r­ms as they are not a new phe­no­me­non for them. However, it was repo­r­ted  that some very lar­ge waves brou­g­ht in a lot of deb­ris as the resi­dual spoi­ls of the natu­ral cala­mi­ty.

Pattaya Real Estate - Doctor Property
Patta­ya City pano­ra­ma View of bui­lding city skyli­ne Dayti­me.

Bangkok is under­going a real esta­te explo­sion even as we speak with all the forei­gn inve­sto­rs it is att­ra­cting with its luxu­ry pro­per­ties mush­roo­ming over the lan­dsca­pe of the city, slo­wly and stea­di­ly.  This pro­mi­sing gra­dient is a very posi­tive takea­way for the real esta­te indu­stry in Thai­land and can sure­ly pave the way for other loca­tions in Thai­land to follow suit. With pre­mium luxu­ry upsca­le deve­lo­ped pro­per­ty rates in Bangkok ranging anywhe­re between 6500 USD to 10,000 USD per squa­re unit, the occu­pan­cy rate for last year for 120,000 deve­lo­ped pro­je­cts was 80%. Althou­gh Thai law is very stri­ct and has abso­lu­te­ly no provi­sion for faci­li­ta­ting forei­g­ners to own land in Thai­land but the­re is an exe­mpt on forei­gn natio­na­ls owning deve­lo­ped pro­per­ties. However, the­se facto­rs don’t seem to be deter­ren­ts for the ple­tho­ra of forei­g­ners lite­ra­lly queuing up to inve­st in pro­per­ty in pri­me loca­tions such as bea­chf­ront villas or super luxu­ry con­do­mi­nium hou­ses. As a resu­lt, the pro­per­ty values in Bangkok have an assu­red app­re­cia­tion of at lea­st 10% every passing year and new pro­per­ties deve­lo­ped have inc­rea­sing pri­ces that are almo­st hitting the sky. The gover­n­ment of Thai­land imp­re­ssed by the rising inte­re­st and inve­stment from forei­gn sho­res in Bangkok pro­per­ties has given the app­rova­ls to lay simi­lar plans of moder­ni­za­tion and real esta­te deve­lo­pment in Patta­ya with a view to repli­ca­te the same succe­ss and deve­lop other loca­tions in Thai­land as pro­spe­ctive and luc­ra­tive loca­tions for att­ra­cting forei­gn inve­stment. With the same inten­tion, Patta­ya and the Eastern Eco­no­mic Cor­ri­dor (EEC) have been gran­ted with the app­roval to deve­lop 168 inf­ra­st­ru­ctu­re pro­je­cts from 2018 to 2022 and beyond. The Patta­ya Eco­no­mic Cor­ri­dor has been seg­re­ga­ted into three pha­ses for conve­nien­ce and simpli­ci­ty.

Pha­se 1 of the EEC inco­r­po­ra­tes and accoun­ts for Urgent Pro­je­cts to faci­li­ta­te the con­ne­ctivi­ty to the resi­den­tial and commer­cial real esta­te pro­je­cts such as:

High Speed Inter­ci­ty Rai­lway Netwo­rk
Multi Lane Tra­ffic Lane Modern Moto­r­way System
Upg­ra­ded Modern Port Faci­li­ty Con­ne­ctivi­ty
Con­ne­cting Roa­ds To All Major Hig­hwa­ys and Inter­sta­te Con­ne­cting Roa­ds
Commer­cial Pier Syste­ms & Fer­ry Faci­li­ties Con­ne­cting Them

The above listed ame­ni­ties are expe­cted to be fini­shed over a span of two yea­rs and will be rea­dy for use and imple­men­ta­tion befo­re the real esta­te pro­je­cts are rea­dy for posse­ssion. Pro­je­cts are expe­cted to be comple­ted in a sho­rt-term. The­se pro­je­cts have an accu­mu­la­ted bud­get of 9.2 Billion USD.

Pha­se 2 of the EEC pro­je­cts is sla­ted to commen­ce in 2019 with a pro­po­sed comple­tion date by 2021. Pha­se 2 inco­r­po­ra­tes Inter­me­dia­te Pro­je­cts.

The pro­po­sed cost of the inter­me­dia­te pro­je­cts is quo­ted to be around 13 Billion USD.

The last inve­stment pha­se of the EEC will be the long-term pro­je­cts whi­ch sha­ll subse­quen­tly begin in 2022 and stre­tch on inde­fi­ni­te­ly.

The wor­th of the long-term pro­je­cts is esti­ma­ted of 252.88 Billion THB (7.9 Billion USD).

The combi­ned cost of inve­stment in deve­lo­ping the Eastern Eco­no­mic Cor­ri­dor (EEC) for resi­den­tial occu­pan­cy and luxu­ry stan­da­rd of living is almo­st to the tune of 31 Billion USD fun­ded by the Thai sta­te trea­su­ry and the Royal Thai army par­tia­lly. It is hig­hly reco­mmen­ded for tho­se forei­gn natio­na­ls who are inte­re­sted in pur­cha­sing luxu­ry pro­per­ty in Thai­land that they con­su­lt our real esta­te agen­cy for our expert’s opi­nion and assi­stan­ce in ena­bling their posse­ssion for owner­ship sea­mle­ssly. With Bangkok fast rea­ching satu­ra­tion and pro­per­ty pri­ces soa­ring to the heavens, your dream home in Thai­land or a bea­chf­ront villa can be rea­li­zed in Patta­ya. Visit our websi­te Thai­land Doctor Pro­per­ty today or wri­te to us to begin the pro­ce­ssing today itse­lf and jump ahead of the queue.

Wat Arun night view Temple in bangkok, Thailand
Wat Arun nig­ht view Temple in bangkok, Thai­land

Bangkok is one city that has gro­wn by lea­ps and boun­ds and it sti­ll con­ti­nues to pro­sper and grow in various indu­stry seg­men­ts. With the high rise and sur­ge in the eco­no­my of Thai­land throu­gh its various forei­gn inve­stment sche­me, one par­ti­cu­lar cate­go­ry whi­ch is on an expo­nen­tial gro­wth mode, and con­ti­nues to att­ra­ct and lure forei­gn inve­sto­rs, whe­ther wea­lthy indivi­dua­ls or cor­po­ra­tes and multi­na­tio­na­ls ali­ke, is the real esta­te sector. Whi­le it is sur­p­ri­sing that real esta­te con­ti­nues to be the most luc­ra­tive and att­ra­ctive sche­me of inve­stment for forei­gn natio­na­ls althou­gh land-owning and pur­cha­se by forei­g­ners is pro­hi­bi­ted in Thai law. So the move­ment and tra­ction the real esta­te in Bangkok is receiving from forei­gn inve­sto­rs is all in the dire­ction of luxu­ry pro­per­ties and deve­lo­ped pre­mium pro­per­ties whi­le land owner­ship is comple­te­ly retai­ned by Thai natio­na­ls. The massive spu­rt in inte­re­st sho­wn in luxu­ry pro­per­ties by forei­g­ners has more to it than is evi­dent on the sur­fa­ce.

The luxu­ry pro­per­ties usua­lly are deve­lo­ped pro­je­cts such as con­do­mi­nium hou­ses or luxu­ry villas whi­ch are pri­ced not by the preva­lent rate per unit but rather by the natu­re of ame­ni­ties avai­la­ble, loca­tion and the pre­mium value of the pro­per­ty. However such inc­re­men­tal pri­cing does not serve even as a mild deter­rent for tho­se inte­re­sted and over the period of the last two deca­des Bangkok real esta­te has seen a major influx of forei­gn money from wea­lthy natio­na­ls belonging to USA, Chi­na, Hong Kong and Euro­pean coun­t­ries. Resea­r­ch and fur­ther int­ro­spe­ction sug­ge­st that more than a pro­fi­ta­ble inve­stment, the­se recent deve­lo­pmen­ts reveal a pattern or trend whe­re forei­g­ners believe it upli­fts their social sta­tu­re to own a hou­se in Bangkok. And why not, with such ami­ca­ble loca­ls and the most sce­nic of loca­les avai­la­ble for pri­me luxu­ry pro­per­ties, anyo­ne is bound to be tempted. With such fero­cious compe­ti­tion and like­li­ne­ss among forei­g­ners loo­king to buy pro­per­ty in Bangkok, the luxu­ry pro­per­ty pri­ces have gone soa­ring to the sky.

Stu­dies and sta­ti­sti­cs reveal that of the 120,000 luxu­ry uni­ts avai­la­ble for occu­pan­cy in 2017 in Bangkok, app­ro­xi­ma­te­ly 90,000 were occu­pied resu­lting in an occu­pan­cy rate clo­se to 80% in Bangkok for luxu­ry pro­per­ties. However, althou­gh the major chunk of buyers sti­ll remains Thai natio­na­ls leaving the chunk of forei­gn inve­stment to be a minor 20%. The ave­ra­ge cost per unit for luxu­ry con­dos is around 6500 USD whe­reas the­re is almo­st a 20% sur­ge when it comes to super luxu­ry con­dos such as bea­chf­ront pro­per­ties bring the cost per unit clo­se to 10,000 USD. Such pri­ces are phe­no­me­nal for real esta­te value anywhe­re in the wor­ld and pre­sent a sta­rk con­t­ra­st when compa­red with gene­ral resi­den­tial real esta­te pri­ces in Bangkok. With pri­ces pro­mi­sing­ly on the sur­ge over the last deca­de, the trend can be expe­cted going for­wa­rd too and the values of any inve­sted luxu­ry pro­per­ty can easi­ly be expe­cted to be app­re­cia­ted by at lea­st 10%. The cur­rent ple­tho­ra of luxu­ry real esta­te pro­je­cts mush­roo­ming all over Bangkok are only testi­mony to the same.

Hen­ce it is strong­ly advi­sed for tho­se forei­gn natio­na­ls that are inte­re­sted in buying luxu­ry con­dos in Bangkok or are inte­re­sted in inve­sting in pre­mium real esta­te pro­per­ties in pri­me loca­tions in Bangkok that you con­su­lt our team of expert real esta­te pro­fe­ssio­na­ls in order to expe­di­te and abet your situa­tion to your best inte­re­sts. Our real esta­te agen­ts at Doctor Pro­per­ty bring a vast depth of kno­wle­d­ge and expe­rien­ce rega­r­ding the nitty-gri­tty of lega­li­ties rega­r­ding luxu­ry real esta­te pro­per­ty pur­cha­se and can assi­st your cau­se to a favo­ra­ble clo­su­re with much ease.

Real Estate Koh Samui - Doctor Property
Real Esta­te Koh Samui – Doctor Pro­per­ty


Koh Samui – A Paradise On Earth

Koh Samui, a den­se fore­st island of lush gree­nery and sur­roun­ded by moun­tains all over is Thailand’s second lar­ge­st island. It lies off the Gulf of Thai­land on the east coa­st and is a popu­lar tou­ri­st desti­na­tion for its att­ra­ctive loca­tions, eye wate­ring bea­ches and its cosmo­po­li­tan appeal acting like the melting pot for so many diffe­rent cultu­res resi­ding the­re. With palm lined bea­ches acting as the backd­rop for crystal clear tur­quoi­se blue ocean water and a sedu­ctive­ly invi­ting wea­ther, the cli­ma­te remains a hea­dy acco­mpli­ce and fla­tte­ring compli­ment to the vie­ws that Koh Samui offers. With just one mon­th of heavy rain annua­lly, tou­ri­sts and loca­ls are flo­cking to this pictu­re­sque island throu­g­hout the year to enjoy their momen­ts of bli­ss and rela­xa­tion in the seclu­sion of their comple­te priva­cy.

Your Very Own Dream Home in Koh Samui

Many con­do­mi­niu­ms and villas have sprung up on pri­me ocean facing pro­per­ties for vaca­tion ren­ta­ls to tou­ri­sts and with the inte­re­st in Koh Samui on an all time high, a lot of land is being pur­cha­sed to serve as reti­re­ment desti­na­tions for expa­ts or as inve­stmen­ts. Althou­gh the Thai pro­per­ty posse­ssion and owner­ship laws for forei­g­ners in Thai­land, or Koh Samui do help the case, this is the rig­ht time to con­te­mpla­te buying land in Koh Samui whi­ch is gro­wing by lea­ps and boun­ds as an inve­stment cen­ter and at the same time provi­des a pea­ce­ful and rela­xed envi­ron­ment for reti­re­ment homes. Real Esta­te in Thai­land is riding a favou­ra­ble tidal ebb and Koh Samui is no exce­ption. With the recent atten­tion on Koh Samui’s exclu­sive loca­tions and lush green moun­tain­si­de with a bea­ch view, a lot of inte­re­st has risen in pur­cha­sing pro­per­ty or buying land in Koh Samui. Althou­gh the law does not favour their case a lot of forei­g­ners have sho­wn noti­cea­bly rising inte­re­sts in buying pro­per­ty or pur­cha­sing land for bui­lding their hou­se in Koh Samui.

Apartment, Villa, House or Land in Koh Samui

Now if you’re with me till now, and chan­ces are you are a non Thai per­son rea­ding this, you must be won­de­ring how one can buy pro­per­ty like a villa or con­do­mi­nium or pur­cha­se land for bui­lding a hou­se in Koh Samui if the law does not allow for the same. Hold your brea­th, befo­re the thou­g­ht even cro­sses your mind, we are defi­ni­te­ly not insi­nua­ting pur­suing or opting for ille­gal means. Defi­ni­te­ly not! However, like Shylock’s pena­lty for a pound of fle­sh in the Mer­chant of Veni­ce was lega­lly over­ru­led by abje­cting a loo­pho­le in the abi­ding lega­li­ties, a forei­g­ner may even­tua­lly own land and pro­per­ty in Koh Samui in Thai­land by exploi­ting a loo­pho­le in the law. The loo­pho­le that we are discu­ssing here is kno­wn as the con­ce­pt of free­ho­ld and lea­se­ho­ld. With the help of a relia­ble and tru­sted pro­per­ty agent, a forei­g­ner can, by vir­tue of dire­ct inve­stmen­ts in the country’s gover­n­ment and inf­ra­st­ru­ctu­re, or after for­ming a company with legi­ti­ma­te Thai citi­zens, obtain actual owner­ship of land for bui­lding pro­per­ty. This is the con­ce­pt of free­ho­ld and althou­gh does achieve the end obje­ctive, is a rather compli­ca­ted and expen­sive pro­ce­du­re. However throu­gh the provi­sion of a lea­se­ho­ld for a spe­ci­fied amount of yea­rs one can call a pro­per­ty and the land as their own befo­re the lea­se period expi­res.

Doctor Property To The Rescue

With the help of a pro­fe­ssio­nal real esta­te expert one can alwa­ys buy a fur­ni­shed apa­r­tment or a con­do­mi­nium out­ri­g­ht even if they are a forei­g­ner becau­se Thai law has provi­sions per­mi­tting the pur­cha­se of fini­shed apa­r­tment spa­ces to a foreigner’s name. Hen­ce it is alwa­ys advi­sa­ble to choo­se a repu­ted and esta­bli­shed real esta­te agen­cy to pur­sue and fulfil your dream of living in Koh Samui. At Doctor Pro­per­ty you can find the rig­ht match for your nee­ds and choo­se from a wide ran­ge of sele­ctions without nee­ding to go throu­gh all the bother and compli­ca­tions of kno­wing the law pro­ce­ss. You enjoy your pea­ce of mind whi­le the Doctor atten­ds to your dream pro­per­ty in Koh Samui.

Beach lounge - Sundeck on Sea view for vacation and summer in swimming pool / Doctor Property Real Estate
Bea­ch loun­ge – Sun­de­ck on Sea view for vaca­tion and summer in swi­mming pool / Doctor Pro­per­ty Real Esta­te

Koh Samui – An Untouched Blend of Investment & Dreams

It is rema­r­ka­ble how much Thai­land has gro­wn in the past cou­ple of deca­des as a towe­ring eco­no­my and an inva­lua­ble pla­tfo­rm for futu­re inve­stmen­ts. And why not? With Thailand’s inhe­rent trea­su­re trove of natu­ral won­ders and deli­g­hts, magi­cal bea­ches and fore­st infe­sted moun­tain­si­de recen­tly pre­sen­ted to the Western wor­ld, it has ope­ned up a new road to endle­ss possi­bi­li­ties. It is no won­der how apa­rt from the capi­tal Bangkok; island cities have also made a gene­rous sha­re of the enti­re mar­ket. Phu­ket and Patta­ya are alrea­dy deve­lo­ped mar­ke­ts for inve­sto­rs in land and pro­per­ty given their sin­gu­lar natu­ral beau­ty and relen­tle­ss coa­stli­nes decked in crystal blue, as backd­rop. However the natu­ral backd­rop of Ko Samui is sti­ll untou­ched and pri­sti­ne. It is deli­g­htfu­lly pea­ce­ful and has a spra­wling natu­ral lan­dsca­pe comp­ri­sing of bea­ches sur­roun­ded by fore­st infe­sted moun­tains. With Koh Samui sti­ll in its gro­wing pha­ses and its spe­cta­cu­lar natu­ral backd­rop second to none, it makes sen­se to inve­st in land and pro­per­ty in Koh Samui if not bui­ld your reti­re­ment home here. After all, anyo­ne who has visi­ted Koh Samui once will not beg to differ at all.

Koh Samui Condos Villas and Houses, Why Buy Land?

Koh Samui is poi­sed to follow the lines of Phu­ket and grow as the country’s next boo­ming bea­ch reso­rt desti­na­tion. Whi­le it is sti­ll in the emer­ging sta­ges, it makes sen­se for tho­se who wish to buy a home in bli­ssful Koh Samui to spend their life in, to sta­rt scou­ting as ear­ly as possi­ble. However the­re are rea­sons why it makes sen­se for someo­ne wishing to have their home in Koh Samui to go for con­do­mi­niu­ms and villas rather than pur­cha­sing land for owner­ship. The Thai law is a tri­cky one with rega­r­ds to owner­ship in the coun­try for forei­gn natio­na­ls. As a  resu­lt some of fre­quen­tly ado­pted legal bypa­sses for forei­g­ners t over­ru­le that clau­se inclu­de arranging mar­ria­ge with a Thai natio­nal, or the even more compli­ca­ted pro­ce­ss of sta­r­ting a company in Thai­land with par­t­ners who are Thai natio­na­ls and in the pro­ce­ss pur­cha­sing land for owner­ship. However not only is the latter far more expen­sive and time con­su­ming, but also has a lar­ger number of varia­bles in the lar­ger pictu­re. That apa­rt, forei­g­ner can also lea­se homes for a spe­ci­fied period of time during whi­ch they can acco­rd the­mse­lves with the title of owner of the land and pro­per­ty. Once the lea­se period expi­res it may be subje­ct to rene­wal on agree­ment of ter­ms and con­di­tions of invo­lved par­ties or it may be dee­med effe­ctive follo­wing fur­ther owner­ship cea­ses to exi­st anymo­re.

Doctor Property’s Prescription For Every Property Requirement in Koh Samui

With the above men­tio­ned pro­ce­du­res and sce­na­rios preva­lent for forei­g­ners wishing to have their homes in pictu­re­sque Koh Samui, it makes sen­se to have a repu­ted and tru­sted pro­per­ty agen­cy with esta­bli­shed testi­mo­nia­ls and prior expe­rien­ce to assi­st and advi­se in pro­cu­ring fini­shed con­dos and villas in Koh Samui. It is not only fully legal but an abso­lu­te­ly simple pro­ce­ss without any addi­tio­nal hassles for forei­g­ners to own apa­r­tmen­ts or hou­ses in Thai­land and pur­cha­sing a hou­se in Ko Samui is a very hea­lthy an insi­g­htful inve­stment as well. And Doctor Pro­per­ty offers you the wide­st ran­ge of pre­sc­ri­ption solu­tions for your exclu­sive real esta­te requi­re­ment in con­dos, villas and hou­ses in deli­g­htful Koh Samui.

Doctor Property - Real Estate Blog
Doctor Pro­per­ty – Real Esta­te Blog


Have you won­de­red what the total mar­ket value of all of the world’s real esta­te is? Is such a number even ascer­tai­na­ble, and if so can you ima­gi­ne what it is? This is exa­ctly what Savi­lls, an eli­te Eng­li­sh real esta­te company, set out to acco­mpli­sh and found they some inte­re­sting things.

In 2016, they esti­ma­te that total pro­per­ty value wor­ldwi­de was $ 217 tri­llion. In the follo­wing year, 2017, this value rose to $ 228 tri­llion. That’s an inc­rea­se of 5%.

The stu­dy also revea­led a very inte­re­sting trend. Real esta­te is the most valua­ble asset in the wor­ld by far. Equi­ties, bon­ds and pre­cious meta­ls are all way behind real esta­te in total mar­ket cap. For exa­mple, the value of all the gold that has ever been mined in the wor­ld, ever, is only $ 6.5 tri­llion!

The dia­g­ram sho­ws the value dist­ri­bu­tion of the world’s asse­ts in 2017. Figu­res are in tri­llions of US dolla­rs.

Dia­g­ram Doctor Pro­per­ty


In this stu­dy, resi­den­tial real esta­te is valued at $ 168.5 tri­llion. If you count the exi­sting total of 2.05 billion hou­se­ho­lds wor­ldwi­de, that’s an ave­ra­ge of $ 82,000 per resi­den­tial pro­per­ty. Of cou­r­se, this value is deci­sive­ly influen­ced by the expen­sive indu­st­ria­li­zed coun­t­ries like Nor­th Ame­ri­ca, Euro­pe and par­ts of Asia.

Inte­re­sting facts;

  1. Nor­th Ame­ri­cans are just 7% of the world’s popu­la­tion, but they own 22% of the total value of resi­den­tial real esta­te in the wor­ld.
  2. Europe’s inha­bi­tan­ts occu­py 11% of the world’s popu­la­tion. But the home owner­ship is 23% of value wor­ldwi­de.
  3. Of cou­r­se, the­se values from indu­st­ria­li­zed coun­t­ries also gene­ra­te eno­r­mous poten­tial in deve­lo­ping coun­t­ries. For exa­mple, in Afri­ca, 19% of the world’s popu­la­tion is living, but hou­sing is only 6%.

It is esti­ma­ted that 34% of all resi­den­tial real esta­te wor­ldwi­de inve­st in inve­stmen­ts and make the hou­sing mar­ket avai­la­ble. The rest is valued priva­te­ly for priva­te use. With commer­cial real esta­te it loo­ks alrea­dy diffe­rent. Here, about 33% is self-emplo­yed and 67% go to the commer­cial sector. In this busi­ne­ss sector, the­re was also the lar­ge­st inc­rea­se in real esta­te asse­ts. Ove­ra­ll, this was 7 per­cent compa­red to the previous year and is nomi­na­lly wor­th $ 32.3 tri­llion.

The real esta­te mar­ket wor­ldwi­de expe­cts such an inve­sti­ga­tion of immen­se impo­r­tan­ce. Not only that he is from year to year, that he also adds value. Also, with rega­rd to the tempo­ral inte­re­st costs, an inve­stment in real esta­te beco­mes rela­tive­ly alter­na­tive. The Sty­rian real esta­te pri­ces and the ever inc­rea­sing total popu­la­tions make a pro­per­ty more and more inte­re­sting for inve­sto­rs.

We at Doctor Pro­per­ty are very curious how the numbers will evo­lve in the coming yea­rs. Of cou­r­se we keep you up to date. Take ano­ther look at the blog of Doctor Pro­per­ty. We look for­wa­rd to you.

@ Source: https://www.savills.co.uk 
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Real Esta­te – Doctor Pro­per­ty

The Doctor Pro­per­ty Team hopes you enjoy our new blog! We aim to keep you up to date with all the impo­r­tant real esta­te matters in both Samui and Thai­land as a who­le. All the impo­r­tant info­r­ma­tion about real esta­te, villas, hou­ses, apa­r­tmen­ts and land will be publi­shed here soon. If you have que­stions or sug­ge­stions for imp­rove­ment, then plea­se con­ta­ct us. We are loo­king for­wa­rd to your fee­dba­ck.

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