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Chaweng Koh Samui - Real Estate Doctor Property
Sil­ver beach, Crys­tal Beach beach view at Koh Samui Island Thai­land


If the­re is hea­ven any­whe­re on Earth, Ko Samui is the clo­sest match to a para­di­se on earth. Cove­r­ed exten­si­ve­ly by thick, den­se forested vege­ta­ti­on from all sides, this deso­la­te and seclu­ded island almost appears to be crad­led and nur­tu­red by Natu­re its­elf as it were its choicest picks. Ko Samui is one of the many island loca­ti­ons of Thai­land which are now see­ing increa­sed atten­ti­on from for­eig­ners and real esta­te magna­tes as a prime desti­na­ti­on for invest­ment in lavish resi­den­ti­al pro­jec­ts, as a means of diver­ting the con­ges­ti­on away from Bangkok, Pat­ta­ya & Phu­ket. And of the prime attri­bu­tes of this hid­den loca­ti­on which makes it extre­me­ly lucra­ti­ve for pro­per­ty inves­tors and deve­lo­pers ali­ke, is the avai­la­bi­li­ty of exclu­si­ve sea front pro­per­ties in the lap of lush gree­n­e­ry and sur­roun­ded by natu­ral cor­don of moun­tains, ther­e­by pro­du­cing a rea­dy­m­a­de can­vas for pic­tures­que views from every home. When the West is steadi­ly moving towards beco­m­ing a con­cre­te jung­le devo­id of any natu­ral cano­py, and pros­pe­rous Thai loca­ti­ons such as Bangkok and Phu­ket fol­lo­wing suit fast, fin­ding a geta­way retre­at away from the con­ges­ti­on traf­fic and crowds is beco­m­ing increa­singly dif­fi­cult, even for a pri­ce. Ko Samui lies off the Gulf of Thai­land on the east coast and is a popu­lar tou­rist desti­na­ti­on for its attrac­tive loca­ti­ons, unadul­te­ra­ted natu­ral vege­ta­ti­ve cover and best of all eye wate­ring beaches with palm trees lined along the peri­phe­ry making for aes­the­tic viewing in the back­drop of the crys­tal clear tur­quoi­se blue oce­an water and a plea­s­ant­ly invi­t­ing wea­ther. The cli­ma­te needs a com­mend­a­ble men­ti­on for its abi­li­ty to remain ine­vi­ta­b­ly con­du­ci­ve like an ever con­spi­ring accom­pli­ce, for initia­ting cele­bra­ti­ons or rela­xing right from the break of dawn. With just one month of hea­vy rain annu­al­ly, Ko Samui pro­mi­ses ele­ven mon­ths of unen­ding fun and fro­lic for patrons and visi­tors ali­ke making it the new cho­sen desti­na­ti­on for tou­rists and expats. 

If this fuels your inte­rest and curio­si­ty to invest in a pro­per­ty in Ko Samui the best way to approach the desi­re is through a real esta­te pro­per­ty agen­cy based in Ko Samui. A pro­fes­sio­nal real esta­te agen­cy alrea­dy has all the necessa­ry preli­mi­na­ry for­ma­li­ties arran­ged and pre­pa­red in the form of a tem­pla­te to faci­li­ta­te the bid on an expe­di­ted time frame. With estab­lished con­nec­ts in the government and in the necessa­ry diplo­ma­tic quar­ters, a pro­fes­sio­nal real esta­te agen­cy is cri­ti­cal to eli­mi­na­ting any incu­ba­ti­on peri­od befo­re a for­eign inves­tor can claim ownership over any pro­per­ty in Ko Samui.

Our strong pre­sence in the Thai real esta­te sec­tor enab­led by our diplo­ma­tic ties con­nec­ts the government rela­ti­ons sui­ta­b­ly to leverage our pre­sence as a nota­ble and reli­able play­er in the real esta­te mar­ket. This is addi­tio­nal­ly sup­ple­men­ted by our strong and active digi­tal pre­sence which makes it easier to veri­fy our aut­ho­ri­ty and estab­lish rela­ti­ons­hips to initia­te the paper­work for the pro­per­ty invest­ment much ahead of the investor’s phy­si­cal arri­val in Ko Samui, ther­e­by maxi­mi­zing returns of the invest­ment from every ang­le.


Ko Samui is liter­al­ly the latest trea­su­re chest of untam­pe­red natu­ral beau­ties and delights to be unear­t­hed in Thai­land after the pri­or pro­s­pec­ts Bangkok, Phu­ket & Pat­ta­ya are approa­ching ine­vi­ta­ble satu­ra­ti­on com­pli­men­ted by sur­ging pri­ces in real esta­te. So for tho­se from the West loo­king to unwind in the lap of sunshi­ne, beaches and tro­pi­cal delights while stee­ring clear from the noi­se, con­ges­ti­on and crowds, Ko Samui looks the bets pro­bable match. Howe­ver, all is not well on the shores of Ko Samui. Even befo­re it had ari­sen out of its shell to embrace its bright future with baby steps, tro­pi­cal storm Pabuk unleas­hed its wrath lashing abso­lu­te may­hem as it pas­sed through the Gulf of Thai­land.

When the ill fated tro­pi­cal storm Pabuk arri­ved final­ly as it cour­sed through the Gulf of Thai­land on, the­re was much ado for not­hing as it pas­sed by the neigh­bou­ring islands of Ko Phan­gan and Ko Samui wit­hout impac­ting any major dama­ge. The storm which was expec­ted to be equip­ped with the poten­ti­al to  com­ple­te­ly wipe out the Thai islands into extinc­tion was see­min­gly qui­te harm­less than was pre­dic­ted as it left most of the ter­ri­to­ries it pas­sed by unsca­thed and final­ly dis­si­pa­ting when it con­fron­ted the main­land strip.

Fer­ry boat ser­vices had remain ten­ta­tively sus­pen­ded wit­hout fur­ther noti­ce as the storm was fore­cast to lash out hea­vi­ly across the coast of Koh Samui and extend onto the Anda­man Coast as well with its impact. Howe­ver the fer­ry ser­vices from Sur­att­ha­ni to Samui were laun­ched back in ope­ra­ti­on short­ly after a two-day stop­gap as a pre­cau­tio­na­ry method against the storm. The Ko Samui air­port which was also shut­down pre­ma­tu­re­ly as a safe­ty pre­cau­ti­on resu­med ser­vices after a brief lock down for two days.

Having said that, the wea­ther reports have clear­ly sta­ted that the coast of Ko Samui would be reci­pi­ent of erra­tic show­ers and incle­ment wea­ther as a corol­la­ry of the low pres­su­re pocket crea­ted by tro­pi­cal storm Pabuk. As a result, beach aut­ho­ri­ties have pro­hi­bi­ted swim­ming and the beach too has been kept out of bounds for tou­rists and locals as a safe­ty mea­su­re. This seems to be gra­vest impact in the after­math of the Pabuk which tur­ned out to be qui­te a damp squid for the ent­i­re furo­re that it crea­ted pri­or to its arri­val. Tou­rists who had boo­ked into the island resort during this peri­od are liter­al­ly on house arrest con­fi­ned to their hotel rooms for their own safe­ty con­cerns. Hotels and busi­nes­ses on the Koh Samui islands howe­ver began clea­ning up behind the storm soon after its depar­tu­re was announ­ced with no reports of any major dama­ge from the tre­men­dous force of winds and rain. All pro­per­ty owners and hos­pi­ta­li­ty fran­chises have admit­ted to mini­mal or no dama­ge to their pro­per­ty or assets with the major pro­blem being repor­ted as incon­ve­ni­en­ce cau­sed to patrons and tou­rists stuck on the island during this peri­od. Most locals play­ed down the impact of Pabuk and in gene­ral any thun­der storms as they are not a new phe­no­me­non for them. Howe­ver, it was repor­ted  that some very lar­ge waves brought in a lot of debris as the resi­du­al spoils of the natu­ral cala­mi­ty.

Pattaya Real Estate - Doctor Property
Pat­ta­ya City pan­ora­ma View of buil­ding city sky­line Day­ti­me.

Bangkok is under­go­ing a real esta­te explo­si­on even as we speak with all the for­eign inves­tors it is attrac­ting with its luxu­ry pro­per­ties mushroo­m­ing over the land­s­cape of the city, slow­ly and steadi­ly.  This pro­mi­sing gra­di­ent is a very posi­ti­ve takea­way for the real esta­te indus­try in Thai­land and can surely pave the way for other loca­ti­ons in Thai­land to fol­low suit. With pre­mi­um luxu­ry ups­ca­le deve­lo­ped pro­per­ty rates in Bangkok ran­ging any­whe­re bet­ween 6500 USD to 10,000 USD per squa­re unit, the occup­an­cy rate for last year for 120,000 deve­lo­ped pro­jec­ts was 80%. Alt­hough Thai law is very strict and has abso­lute­ly no pro­vi­si­on for faci­li­ta­ting for­eig­ners to own land in Thai­land but the­re is an exempt on for­eign natio­nals owning deve­lo­ped pro­per­ties. Howe­ver, the­se fac­tors don’t seem to be deterr­ents for the pletho­ra of for­eig­ners liter­al­ly queu­ing up to invest in pro­per­ty in prime loca­ti­ons such as beach­front vil­las or super luxu­ry con­do­mi­ni­um houses. As a result, the pro­per­ty values in Bangkok have an assu­red appre­cia­ti­on of at least 10% every pas­sing year and new pro­per­ties deve­lo­ped have increa­sing pri­ces that are almost hit­ting the sky. The government of Thai­land impres­sed by the rising inte­rest and invest­ment from for­eign shores in Bangkok pro­per­ties has given the appro­vals to lay simi­lar plans of moder­ni­za­ti­on and real esta­te deve­lop­ment in Pat­ta­ya with a view to repli­ca­te the same suc­cess and deve­lop other loca­ti­ons in Thai­land as pro­s­pec­tive and lucra­ti­ve loca­ti­ons for attrac­ting for­eign invest­ment. With the same inten­ti­on, Pat­ta­ya and the Eas­tern Eco­no­mic Cor­ri­dor (EEC) have been gran­ted with the appro­val to deve­lop 168 infra­st­ruc­tu­re pro­jec­ts from 2018 to 2022 and bey­ond. The Pat­ta­ya Eco­no­mic Cor­ri­dor has been segre­ga­ted into three pha­ses for con­ve­ni­en­ce and sim­pli­ci­ty.

Pha­se 1 of the EEC incor­po­ra­tes and accounts for Urgent Pro­jec­ts to faci­li­ta­te the con­nec­tivi­ty to the resi­den­ti­al and com­mer­ci­al real esta­te pro­jec­ts such as:

High Speed Inter­ci­ty Rail­way Net­work
Mul­ti Lane Traf­fic Lane Modern Motor­way Sys­tem
Upgraded Modern Port Faci­li­ty Con­nec­tivi­ty
Con­nec­ting Roads To All Major High­ways and Intersta­te Con­nec­ting Roads
Com­mer­ci­al Pier Sys­tems & Fer­ry Faci­li­ties Con­nec­ting Them

The above listed amen­ities are expec­ted to be finis­hed over a span of two years and will be rea­dy for use and imple­men­ta­ti­on befo­re the real esta­te pro­jec­ts are rea­dy for pos­ses­si­on. Pro­jec­ts are expec­ted to be com­ple­ted in a short-term. The­se pro­jec­ts have an accu­mu­la­ted bud­get of 9.2 Bil­li­on USD.

Pha­se 2 of the EEC pro­jec­ts is sla­ted to com­mence in 2019 with a pro­po­sed com­ple­ti­on date by 2021. Pha­se 2 incor­po­ra­tes Inter­me­dia­te Pro­jec­ts.

The pro­po­sed cost of the inter­me­dia­te pro­jec­ts is quo­ted to be around 13 Bil­li­on USD.

The last invest­ment pha­se of the EEC will be the long-term pro­jec­ts which shall sub­se­quent­ly begin in 2022 and stretch on inde­fi­ni­te­ly.

The worth of the long-term pro­jec­ts is esti­ma­ted of 252.88 Bil­li­on THB (7.9 Bil­li­on USD).

The com­bi­ned cost of invest­ment in deve­lo­ping the Eas­tern Eco­no­mic Cor­ri­dor (EEC) for resi­den­ti­al occup­an­cy and luxu­ry stan­dard of living is almost to the tune of 31 Bil­li­on USD fun­ded by the Thai sta­te trea­su­ry and the Roy­al Thai army par­ti­al­ly. It is high­ly recom­men­ded for tho­se for­eign natio­nals who are inte­rested in purcha­sing luxu­ry pro­per­ty in Thai­land that they con­sult our real esta­te agen­cy for our expert’s opi­ni­on and assi­s­tan­ce in enab­ling their pos­ses­si­on for ownership seam­less­ly. With Bangkok fast reaching satu­ra­ti­on and pro­per­ty pri­ces soaring to the hea­vens, your dream home in Thai­land or a beach­front vil­la can be rea­li­zed in Pat­ta­ya. Visit our web­site Thai­land Doc­tor Pro­per­ty today or wri­te to us to begin the pro­ces­sing today its­elf and jump ahead of the queue.

Wat Arun night view Temple in bangkok, Thailand
Wat Arun night view Temp­le in bangkok, Thai­land

Bangkok is one city that has grown by leaps and bounds and it still con­ti­nues to pro­sper and grow in various indus­try seg­ments. With the high rise and sur­ge in the eco­no­my of Thai­land through its various for­eign invest­ment sche­me, one par­ti­cu­lar cate­go­ry which is on an expo­nen­ti­al growth mode, and con­ti­nues to attract and lure for­eign inves­tors, whe­ther wealt­hy indi­vi­du­als or cor­po­ra­tes and mul­ti­na­tio­nals ali­ke, is the real esta­te sec­tor. While it is sur­pri­sing that real esta­te con­ti­nues to be the most lucra­ti­ve and attrac­tive sche­me of invest­ment for for­eign natio­nals alt­hough land-owning and purcha­se by for­eig­ners is pro­hi­bi­ted in Thai law. So the move­ment and trac­tion the real esta­te in Bangkok is recei­ving from for­eign inves­tors is all in the direc­tion of luxu­ry pro­per­ties and deve­lo­ped pre­mi­um pro­per­ties while land ownership is com­ple­te­ly retai­ned by Thai natio­nals. The mas­si­ve spurt in inte­rest shown in luxu­ry pro­per­ties by for­eig­ners has more to it than is evi­dent on the sur­face.

The luxu­ry pro­per­ties usual­ly are deve­lo­ped pro­jec­ts such as con­do­mi­ni­um houses or luxu­ry vil­las which are pri­ced not by the pre­va­lent rate per unit but rather by the natu­re of amen­ities avail­ab­le, loca­ti­on and the pre­mi­um value of the pro­per­ty. Howe­ver such incre­men­tal pri­cing does not ser­ve even as a mild deter­rent for tho­se inte­rested and over the peri­od of the last two deca­des Bangkok real esta­te has seen a major influx of for­eign money from wealt­hy natio­nals belon­ging to USA, Chi­na, Hong Kong and European coun­tries. Rese­arch and fur­ther intro­s­pec­tion sug­gest that more than a pro­fi­ta­ble invest­ment, the­se recent deve­lop­ments reveal a pat­tern or trend whe­re for­eig­ners belie­ve it uplifts their soci­al sta­tu­re to own a house in Bangkok. And why not, with such ami­ca­ble locals and the most sce­nic of loca­les avail­ab­le for prime luxu­ry pro­per­ties, anyo­ne is bound to be temp­ted. With such fero­cious com­pe­ti­ti­on and likeli­ness among for­eig­ners loo­king to buy pro­per­ty in Bangkok, the luxu­ry pro­per­ty pri­ces have gone soaring to the sky.

Stu­dies and sta­tis­tics reveal that of the 120,000 luxu­ry units avail­ab­le for occup­an­cy in 2017 in Bangkok, appro­xi­mate­ly 90,000 were occu­pied resul­ting in an occup­an­cy rate clo­se to 80% in Bangkok for luxu­ry pro­per­ties. Howe­ver, alt­hough the major chunk of buy­ers still remains Thai natio­nals lea­ving the chunk of for­eign invest­ment to be a minor 20%. The average cost per unit for luxu­ry con­dos is around 6500 USD whe­re­as the­re is almost a 20% sur­ge when it comes to super luxu­ry con­dos such as beach­front pro­per­ties bring the cost per unit clo­se to 10,000 USD. Such pri­ces are phe­no­me­nal for real esta­te value any­whe­re in the world and pre­sent a stark con­trast when com­pa­red with gene­ral resi­den­ti­al real esta­te pri­ces in Bangkok. With pri­ces pro­mi­sin­gly on the sur­ge over the last deca­de, the trend can be expec­ted going for­ward too and the values of any invested luxu­ry pro­per­ty can easi­ly be expec­ted to be appre­cia­ted by at least 10%. The cur­rent pletho­ra of luxu­ry real esta­te pro­jec­ts mushroo­m­ing all over Bangkok are only tes­ti­mo­ny to the same.

Hence it is stron­gly advi­sed for tho­se for­eign natio­nals that are inte­rested in buy­ing luxu­ry con­dos in Bangkok or are inte­rested in inves­ting in pre­mi­um real esta­te pro­per­ties in prime loca­ti­ons in Bangkok that you con­sult our team of expert real esta­te pro­fes­sio­nals in order to expe­di­te and abet your situa­ti­on to your best inte­rests. Our real esta­te agents at Doc­tor Pro­per­ty bring a vast depth of know­ledge and expe­ri­ence regar­ding the nit­ty-grit­ty of lega­li­ties regar­ding luxu­ry real esta­te pro­per­ty purcha­se and can assist your cau­se to a favor­able clo­sure with much ease.

Real Estate Koh Samui - Doctor Property
Real Esta­te Koh Samui – Doc­tor Pro­per­ty


Koh Samui – A Paradise On Earth

Koh Samui, a den­se forest island of lush gree­n­e­ry and sur­roun­ded by moun­tains all over is Thailand’s second lar­gest island. It lies off the Gulf of Thai­land on the east coast and is a popu­lar tou­rist desti­na­ti­on for its attrac­tive loca­ti­ons, eye wate­ring beaches and its cos­mo­po­li­tan appeal acting like the mel­ting pot for so many dif­fe­rent cul­tures resi­ding the­re. With palm lined beaches acting as the back­drop for crys­tal clear tur­quoi­se blue oce­an water and a seduc­tively invi­t­ing wea­ther, the cli­ma­te remains a hea­dy accom­pli­ce and flat­te­ring com­pli­ment to the views that Koh Samui offers. With just one month of hea­vy rain annu­al­ly, tou­rists and locals are flo­cking to this pic­tures­que island throughout the year to enjoy their moments of bliss and rela­xa­ti­on in the seclu­si­on of their com­ple­te pri­va­cy.

Your Very Own Dream Home in Koh Samui

Many con­do­mi­ni­ums and vil­las have sprung up on prime oce­an facing pro­per­ties for vaca­ti­on ren­tals to tou­rists and with the inte­rest in Koh Samui on an all time high, a lot of land is being purcha­sed to ser­ve as reti­re­ment desti­na­ti­ons for expats or as invest­ments. Alt­hough the Thai pro­per­ty pos­ses­si­on and ownership laws for for­eig­ners in Thai­land, or Koh Samui do help the case, this is the right time to con­tem­pla­te buy­ing land in Koh Samui which is gro­wing by leaps and bounds as an invest­ment cen­ter and at the same time pro­vi­des a peace­ful and rela­xed envi­ron­ment for reti­re­ment homes. Real Esta­te in Thai­land is riding a favoura­ble tidal ebb and Koh Samui is no excep­ti­on. With the recent atten­ti­on on Koh Samui’s exclu­si­ve loca­ti­ons and lush green moun­ta­in­si­de with a beach view, a lot of inte­rest has risen in purcha­sing pro­per­ty or buy­ing land in Koh Samui. Alt­hough the law does not favour their case a lot of for­eig­ners have shown noti­ce­ab­ly rising inte­rests in buy­ing pro­per­ty or purcha­sing land for buil­ding their house in Koh Samui.

Apartment, Villa, House or Land in Koh Samui

Now if you’re with me till now, and chan­ces are you are a non Thai per­son rea­ding this, you must be won­de­ring how one can buy pro­per­ty like a vil­la or con­do­mi­ni­um or purcha­se land for buil­ding a house in Koh Samui if the law does not allow for the same. Hold your breath, befo­re the thought even crosses your mind, we are defi­ni­te­ly not insi­nua­ting pur­suing or opting for ille­gal means. Defi­ni­te­ly not! Howe­ver, like Shylock’s penal­ty for a pound of flesh in the Mer­chant of Veni­ce was legal­ly over­ru­led by abjec­ting a loo­p­ho­le in the abi­ding lega­li­ties, a for­eig­ner may even­tual­ly own land and pro­per­ty in Koh Samui in Thai­land by exploi­t­ing a loo­p­ho­le in the law. The loo­p­ho­le that we are dis­cus­sing here is known as the con­cept of free­hold and lea­se­hold. With the help of a reli­able and trusted pro­per­ty agent, a for­eig­ner can, by vir­tue of direct invest­ments in the country’s government and infra­st­ruc­tu­re, or after forming a com­pa­ny with legi­ti­ma­te Thai citi­zens, obtain actu­al ownership of land for buil­ding pro­per­ty. This is the con­cept of free­hold and alt­hough does achie­ve the end objec­tive, is a rather com­pli­ca­ted and expen­si­ve pro­ce­du­re. Howe­ver through the pro­vi­si­on of a lea­se­hold for a spe­ci­fied amount of years one can call a pro­per­ty and the land as their own befo­re the lea­se peri­od expi­res.

Doctor Property To The Rescue

With the help of a pro­fes­sio­nal real esta­te expert one can always buy a fur­nis­hed apart­ment or a con­do­mi­ni­um out­right even if they are a for­eig­ner becau­se Thai law has pro­vi­si­ons per­mit­ting the purcha­se of finis­hed apart­ment spaces to a foreigner’s name. Hence it is always advi­s­able to choo­se a repu­ted and estab­lished real esta­te agen­cy to pur­sue and ful­fil your dream of living in Koh Samui. At Doc­tor Pro­per­ty you can find the right match for your needs and choo­se from a wide ran­ge of selec­tions wit­hout nee­ding to go through all the bother and com­pli­ca­ti­ons of kno­wing the law pro­cess. You enjoy your peace of mind while the Doc­tor attends to your dream pro­per­ty in Koh Samui.

Beach lounge - Sundeck on Sea view for vacation and summer in swimming pool / Doctor Property Real Estate
Beach lounge – Sun­deck on Sea view for vaca­ti­on and sum­mer in swim­ming pool / Doc­tor Pro­per­ty Real Esta­te

Koh Samui – An Untouched Blend of Investment & Dreams

It is remar­kab­le how much Thai­land has grown in the past coup­le of deca­des as a towe­ring eco­no­my and an inva­lu­able plat­form for future invest­ments. And why not? With Thailand’s inherent trea­su­re tro­ve of natu­ral won­ders and delights, magi­cal beaches and forest infested moun­ta­in­si­de recent­ly pre­sen­ted to the Wes­tern world, it has ope­ned up a new road to end­less pos­si­bi­li­ties. It is no won­der how apart from the capi­tal Bangkok; island cities have also made a generous sha­re of the ent­i­re mar­ket. Phu­ket and Pat­ta­ya are alrea­dy deve­lo­ped mar­kets for inves­tors in land and pro­per­ty given their sin­gu­lar natu­ral beau­ty and relent­less coast­li­nes decked in crys­tal blue, as back­drop. Howe­ver the natu­ral back­drop of Ko Samui is still untouched and pris­ti­ne. It is delight­ful­ly peace­ful and has a spraw­ling natu­ral land­s­cape com­pri­sing of beaches sur­roun­ded by forest infested moun­tains. With Koh Samui still in its gro­wing pha­ses and its spec­ta­cu­lar natu­ral back­drop second to none, it makes sen­se to invest in land and pro­per­ty in Koh Samui if not build your reti­re­ment home here. After all, anyo­ne who has visi­ted Koh Samui once will not beg to dif­fer at all.

Koh Samui Condos Villas and Houses, Why Buy Land?

Koh Samui is poi­sed to fol­low the lines of Phu­ket and grow as the country’s next boo­m­ing beach resort desti­na­ti­on. While it is still in the emer­ging sta­ges, it makes sen­se for tho­se who wish to buy a home in blissful Koh Samui to spend their life in, to start scou­ting as ear­ly as pos­si­ble. Howe­ver the­re are rea­sons why it makes sen­se for someo­ne wis­hing to have their home in Koh Samui to go for con­do­mi­ni­ums and vil­las rather than purcha­sing land for ownership. The Thai law is a tri­cky one with regards to ownership in the coun­try for for­eign natio­nals. As a  result some of fre­quent­ly adop­ted legal bypas­ses for for­eig­ners t over­ru­le that clau­se inclu­de arran­ging mar­ria­ge with a Thai natio­nal, or the even more com­pli­ca­ted pro­cess of star­ting a com­pa­ny in Thai­land with part­ners who are Thai natio­nals and in the pro­cess purcha­sing land for ownership. Howe­ver not only is the lat­ter far more expen­si­ve and time con­suming, but also has a lar­ger num­ber of varia­bles in the lar­ger pic­tu­re. That apart, for­eig­ner can also lea­se homes for a spe­ci­fied peri­od of time during which they can accord them­sel­ves with the tit­le of owner of the land and pro­per­ty. Once the lea­se peri­od expi­res it may be sub­ject to rene­wal on agree­ment of terms and con­di­ti­ons of invol­ved par­ties or it may be deemed effec­tive fol­lo­wing fur­ther ownership cea­ses to exist any­mo­re.

Doctor Property’s Prescription For Every Property Requirement in Koh Samui

With the above men­tio­ned pro­ce­du­res and sce­n­a­ri­os pre­va­lent for for­eig­ners wis­hing to have their homes in pic­tures­que Koh Samui, it makes sen­se to have a repu­ted and trusted pro­per­ty agen­cy with estab­lished tes­ti­mo­ni­als and pri­or expe­ri­ence to assist and advi­se in pro­cu­ring finis­hed con­dos and vil­las in Koh Samui. It is not only ful­ly legal but an abso­lute­ly simp­le pro­cess wit­hout any addi­tio­nal hass­les for for­eig­ners to own apart­ments or houses in Thai­land and purcha­sing a house in Ko Samui is a very healt­hy an insight­ful invest­ment as well. And Doc­tor Pro­per­ty offers you the widest ran­ge of pre­scrip­ti­on solu­ti­ons for your exclu­si­ve real esta­te requi­re­ment in con­dos, vil­las and houses in delight­ful Koh Samui.

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Doc­tor Pro­per­ty – Real Esta­te Blog


Haben Sie eine Vor­stel­lung was die gesam­ten Immo­bi­li­en auf der Welt einen Wert haben? Ist eine sol­cher Wert über­haupt ermit­tel­bar und wenn ja, kann man sich eine sol­che Zahl über­haupt vor­stel­len? Genau das hat die Eng­li­sche Fir­ma Savills unter­sucht und hat wirk­lich erstaun­li­che Din­ge her­aus­ge­fun­den. Hier­bei wur­de der gesam­te Immo­bi­li­en­markt 2016 und 2017 unter­sucht. 

2016 betru­gen alle Immo­bi­li­en­wer­te welt­weit noch 217 Bil­lio­nen US Dol­lar. Im dar­auf­fol­gen­de Jahr, also 2017 betrug die­ser Wert bereits 228 Bil­lio­nen US Dol­lar. Da ist eine Stei­ge­rung von rea­len 5 Pro­zent. 

Die Stu­die zeigt auch eine ganz kla­re Ten­denz. Immo­bi­li­en sind die wert­volls­ten Geld­an­la­gen der Welt. Akti­en, Anlei­hen und Edel­me­tal­le lie­gen alle weit abge­schla­gen hin­ter den Immo­bi­li­en­wer­ten. Zum Bei­spiel beträgt der Wert für Gold, was jemals in der Geschich­te auf der gan­zen Welt abge­baut wur­de nur 6,5 Bil­lio­nen Dol­lar. 

Im Dia­gram sehen die Wert­ver­tei­lung der Welt von 2017. Anga­ben in Bil­lio­nen US Dol­lar.



In die­ser Stu­die wer­den die rei­nen Wohn­im­mo­bi­li­en mit einen Wert von 168,5 Bil­lio­nen US Dol­lar ange­ge­ben. Wenn Sie das auf die ins­ge­samt exis­tie­ren­den 2,05 Mil­li­ar­den Haus­hal­te welt­weit rech­nen, dann erhal­ten Sie einen durch­schnitt­li­chen Wert von 82.000 US Dol­lar pro Wohn Immo­bi­lie. Die­ser Wert wird natür­lich ent­schei­dend geprägt von den teue­ren Indus­trie­staa­ten in Nord­ame­ri­ka, Euro­pa und Tei­le Asi­ens. 

Zum Bei­spiel sind auch die­se Wer­te sehr inter­es­sant:

  1. Nord­ame­ri­ka Ein­woh­ner haben einen Anteil von gera­de ein­mal 7% der welt­wei­ten Bevöl­ke­rung, aber Sie besit­zen 22% des Wer­tes, der gesam­ten Wohn­im­mo­bi­li­en.
  2. Euro­pas Ein­woh­ner neh­men einen welt­wei­ten Bevöl­ke­rungs­teil von 11% ein. Aber das Wohn­ei­gen­tum beträgt 23% an Wert welt­weit.
  3. Die­se Wer­te aus den Indus­trie­staa­ten erzeu­gen natür­lich auch enor­me Poten­tia­le in den Ent­wick­lungs­län­dern. Zum Bei­spiel in Afri­ka leben welt­weit 19% der gesam­ten Bevöl­ke­rung, aber die Wohn­im­mo­bi­li­en haben nur einen Wert von 6%. 

Es wird ange­nom­men, dass unge­fähr 34% aller Wohn­im­mo­bi­li­en welt­weit als Invest­ment fun­gie­ren und somit dem Woh­nungs­markt zur Ver­fü­gung ste­hen. Der Rest wird in pri­va­ter Hand zur Eigen­nut­zung bewer­tet. Bei Gewer­be­im­mo­bi­li­en sieht es da schon anders aus. Hier wird zir­ka 33% selbst genutzt und 67% gehen in die Gewer­be­ver­mie­tung. In die­sem Gewer­be­sek­tor gab es auch den größ­ten Anstieg der Immo­bi­li­en­ver­mö­gen zu ver­zeich­nen. Ins­ge­samt betrug die­ser 7 Pro­zent zum Vor­jahr und macht nomi­nal einen Wert von 32,3 Bil­lio­nen Dol­lar aus. 

Der Immo­bi­li­en­markt welt­weit erlangt anhand die­ser Unter­su­chung eine immense Bedeu­tung. Nicht nur das er von Jahr zu Jahr ste­tig steigt und auch an Wert deut­lich zulegt. Auch an der der­zei­ti­gen Zins­si­tua­tio­nen, die durch die Zen­tral­ban­ken kon­trol­liert wird, ist eine Inves­ti­ti­on in Immo­bi­li­en rela­tiv alter­na­tiv­los. Die stei­gen­den Immo­bi­li­en­prei­se und die immer stär­ker wach­sen­de Gesamt­be­völ­ke­rung macht eine Immo­bi­lie immer inter­es­san­ter für Inves­to­ren.  

Wir von Doc­tor Pro­per­ty sind sehr gespannt wie sich die Zah­len in den kom­men­den Jah­ren wei­ter­ent­wi­ckeln. Wir hal­ten Sie natür­lich auf dem neus­ten Stand. Schau­en Sie bald wie­der im Blog von Doc­tor Pro­per­ty rein. Wir freu­en uns auf Sie. 

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Real Esta­te – Doc­tor Pro­per­ty

Unser Team von Doc­tor Pro­per­ty wünscht Ihnen viel Spaß. Wir wer­den Sie über alle wich­ti­gen Immo­bi­li­en­an­ge­le­gen­hei­ten infor­mie­ren. Ob es nun hier an unse­rem Haupt­fir­men­sitz in Koh Samui ist, oder auch in gesamt Thai­land. Alle wich­ti­ge Infor­ma­tio­nen zu Immo­bi­li­en, Vil­len, Häu­sern, Apart­ments und Grund­stü­cke wer­den wir hier dem­nächst ver­öf­fent­li­chen. Soll­ten Sie Fra­gen, oder Ver­bes­se­rungs­vor­schlä­ge haben, dann kon­tak­tie­ren Sie uns. Wir freu­en uns auf Ihr Feed­back.

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