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Chaweng Koh Samui - Real Estate Doctor Property
Silver beach, Crystal Beach beach view at Koh Samui Island Thailand


If there is heaven anywhere on Earth, Ko Samui is the closest match to a paradise on earth. Covered extensively by thick, dense forested vegetation from all sides, this desolate and secluded island almost appears to be cradled and nurtured by Nature itself as it were its choicest picks. Ko Samui is one of the many island locations of Thailand which are now seeing increased attention from foreigners and real estate magnates as a prime destination for investment in lavish residential projects, as a means of diverting the congestion away from Bangkok, Pattaya & Phuket. And of the prime attributes of this hidden location which makes it extremely lucrative for property investors and developers alike, is the availability of exclusive sea front properties in the lap of lush greenery and surrounded by natural cordon of mountains, thereby producing a readymade canvas for picturesque views from every home. When the West is steadily moving towards becoming a concrete jungle devoid of any natural canopy, and prosperous Thai locations such as Bangkok and Phuket following suit fast, finding a getaway retreat away from the congestion traffic and crowds is becoming increasingly difficult, even for a price. Ko Samui lies off the Gulf of Thailand on the east coast and is a popular tourist destination for its attractive locations, unadulterated natural vegetative cover and best of all eye watering beaches with palm trees lined along the periphery making for aesthetic viewing in the backdrop of the crystal clear turquoise blue ocean water and a pleasantly inviting weather. The climate needs a commendable mention for its ability to remain inevitably conducive like an ever conspiring accomplice, for initiating celebrations or relaxing right from the break of dawn. With just one month of heavy rain annually, Ko Samui promises eleven months of unending fun and frolic for patrons and visitors alike making it the new chosen destination for tourists and expats. 

If this fuels your interest and curiosity to invest in a property in Ko Samui the best way to approach the desire is through a real estate property agency based in Ko Samui. A professional real estate agency already has all the necessary preliminary formalities arranged and prepared in the form of a template to facilitate the bid on an expedited time frame. With established connects in the government and in the necessary diplomatic quarters, a professional real estate agency is critical to eliminating any incubation period before a foreign investor can claim ownership over any property in Ko Samui.

Our strong presence in the Thai real estate sector enabled by our diplomatic ties connects the government relations suitably to leverage our presence as a notable and reliable player in the real estate market. This is additionally supplemented by our strong and active digital presence which makes it easier to verify our authority and establish relationships to initiate the paperwork for the property investment much ahead of the investor’s physical arrival in Ko Samui, thereby maximizing returns of the investment from every angle.


Ko Samui is literally the latest treasure chest of untampered natural beauties and delights to be unearthed in Thailand after the prior prospects Bangkok, Phuket & Pattaya are approaching inevitable saturation complimented by surging prices in real estate. So for those from the West looking to unwind in the lap of sunshine, beaches and tropical delights while steering clear from the noise, congestion and crowds, Ko Samui looks the bets probable match. However, all is not well on the shores of Ko Samui. Even before it had arisen out of its shell to embrace its bright future with baby steps, tropical storm Pabuk unleashed its wrath lashing absolute mayhem as it passed through the Gulf of Thailand.

When the ill fated tropical storm Pabuk arrived finally as it coursed through the Gulf of Thailand on, there was much ado for nothing as it passed by the neighbouring islands of Ko Phangan and Ko Samui without impacting any major damage. The storm which was expected to be equipped with the potential to  completely wipe out the Thai islands into extinction was seemingly quite harmless than was predicted as it left most of the territories it passed by unscathed and finally dissipating when it confronted the mainland strip.

Ferry boat services had remain tentatively suspended without further notice as the storm was forecast to lash out heavily across the coast of Koh Samui and extend onto the Andaman Coast as well with its impact. However the ferry services from Suratthani to Samui were launched back in operation shortly after a two-day stopgap as a precautionary method against the storm. The Ko Samui airport which was also shutdown prematurely as a safety precaution resumed services after a brief lock down for two days.

Having said that, the weather reports have clearly stated that the coast of Ko Samui would be recipient of erratic showers and inclement weather as a corollary of the low pressure pocket created by tropical storm Pabuk. As a result, beach authorities have prohibited swimming and the beach too has been kept out of bounds for tourists and locals as a safety measure. This seems to be gravest impact in the aftermath of the Pabuk which turned out to be quite a damp squid for the entire furore that it created prior to its arrival. Tourists who had booked into the island resort during this period are literally on house arrest confined to their hotel rooms for their own safety concerns. Hotels and businesses on the Koh Samui islands however began cleaning up behind the storm soon after its departure was announced with no reports of any major damage from the tremendous force of winds and rain. All property owners and hospitality franchises have admitted to minimal or no damage to their property or assets with the major problem being reported as inconvenience caused to patrons and tourists stuck on the island during this period. Most locals played down the impact of Pabuk and in general any thunder storms as they are not a new phenomenon for them. However, it was reported  that some very large waves brought in a lot of debris as the residual spoils of the natural calamity.

Pattaya Real Estate - Doctor Property
Pattaya City panorama View of building city skyline Daytime.

Bangkok is undergoing a real estate explosion even as we speak with all the foreign investors it is attracting with its luxury properties mushrooming over the landscape of the city, slowly and steadily.  This promising gradient is a very positive takeaway for the real estate industry in Thailand and can surely pave the way for other locations in Thailand to follow suit. With premium luxury upscale developed property rates in Bangkok ranging anywhere between 6500 USD to 10,000 USD per square unit, the occupancy rate for last year for 120,000 developed projects was 80%. Although Thai law is very strict and has absolutely no provision for facilitating foreigners to own land in Thailand but there is an exempt on foreign nationals owning developed properties. However, these factors don’t seem to be deterrents for the plethora of foreigners literally queuing up to invest in property in prime locations such as beachfront villas or super luxury condominium houses. As a result, the property values in Bangkok have an assured appreciation of at least 10% every passing year and new properties developed have increasing prices that are almost hitting the sky. The government of Thailand impressed by the rising interest and investment from foreign shores in Bangkok properties has given the approvals to lay similar plans of modernization and real estate development in Pattaya with a view to replicate the same success and develop other locations in Thailand as prospective and lucrative locations for attracting foreign investment. With the same intention, Pattaya and the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) have been granted with the approval to develop 168 infrastructure projects from 2018 to 2022 and beyond. The Pattaya Economic Corridor has been segregated into three phases for convenience and simplicity.

Phase 1 of the EEC incorporates and accounts for Urgent Projects to facilitate the connectivity to the residential and commercial real estate projects such as:

High Speed Intercity Railway Network
Multi Lane Traffic Lane Modern Motorway System
Upgraded Modern Port Facility Connectivity
Connecting Roads To All Major Highways and Interstate Connecting Roads
Commercial Pier Systems & Ferry Facilities Connecting Them

The above listed amenities are expected to be finished over a span of two years and will be ready for use and implementation before the real estate projects are ready for possession. Projects are expected to be completed in a short-term. These projects have an accumulated budget of 9.2 Billion USD.

Phase 2 of the EEC projects is slated to commence in 2019 with a proposed completion date by 2021. Phase 2 incorporates Intermediate Projects.

The proposed cost of the intermediate projects is quoted to be around 13 Billion USD.

The last investment phase of the EEC will be the long-term projects which shall subsequently begin in 2022 and stretch on indefinitely.

The worth of the long-term projects is estimated of 252.88 Billion THB (7.9 Billion USD).

The combined cost of investment in developing the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) for residential occupancy and luxury standard of living is almost to the tune of 31 Billion USD funded by the Thai state treasury and the Royal Thai army partially. It is highly recommended for those foreign nationals who are interested in purchasing luxury property in Thailand that they consult our real estate agency for our expert’s opinion and assistance in enabling their possession for ownership seamlessly. With Bangkok fast reaching saturation and property prices soaring to the heavens, your dream home in Thailand or a beachfront villa can be realized in Pattaya. Visit our website Thailand Doctor Property today or write to us to begin the processing today itself and jump ahead of the queue.

Wat Arun night view Temple in bangkok, Thailand
Wat Arun night view Temple in bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one city that has grown by leaps and bounds and it still continues to prosper and grow in various industry segments. With the high rise and surge in the economy of Thailand through its various foreign investment scheme, one particular category which is on an exponential growth mode, and continues to attract and lure foreign investors, whether wealthy individuals or corporates and multinationals alike, is the real estate sector. While it is surprising that real estate continues to be the most lucrative and attractive scheme of investment for foreign nationals although land-owning and purchase by foreigners is prohibited in Thai law. So the movement and traction the real estate in Bangkok is receiving from foreign investors is all in the direction of luxury properties and developed premium properties while land ownership is completely retained by Thai nationals. The massive spurt in interest shown in luxury properties by foreigners has more to it than is evident on the surface.

The luxury properties usually are developed projects such as condominium houses or luxury villas which are priced not by the prevalent rate per unit but rather by the nature of amenities available, location and the premium value of the property. However such incremental pricing does not serve even as a mild deterrent for those interested and over the period of the last two decades Bangkok real estate has seen a major influx of foreign money from wealthy nationals belonging to USA, China, Hong Kong and European countries. Research and further introspection suggest that more than a profitable investment, these recent developments reveal a pattern or trend where foreigners believe it uplifts their social stature to own a house in Bangkok. And why not, with such amicable locals and the most scenic of locales available for prime luxury properties, anyone is bound to be tempted. With such ferocious competition and likeliness among foreigners looking to buy property in Bangkok, the luxury property prices have gone soaring to the sky.

Studies and statistics reveal that of the 120,000 luxury units available for occupancy in 2017 in Bangkok, approximately 90,000 were occupied resulting in an occupancy rate close to 80% in Bangkok for luxury properties. However, although the major chunk of buyers still remains Thai nationals leaving the chunk of foreign investment to be a minor 20%. The average cost per unit for luxury condos is around 6500 USD whereas there is almost a 20% surge when it comes to super luxury condos such as beachfront properties bring the cost per unit close to 10,000 USD. Such prices are phenomenal for real estate value anywhere in the world and present a stark contrast when compared with general residential real estate prices in Bangkok. With prices promisingly on the surge over the last decade, the trend can be expected going forward too and the values of any invested luxury property can easily be expected to be appreciated by at least 10%. The current plethora of luxury real estate projects mushrooming all over Bangkok are only testimony to the same.

Hence it is strongly advised for those foreign nationals that are interested in buying luxury condos in Bangkok or are interested in investing in premium real estate properties in prime locations in Bangkok that you consult our team of expert real estate professionals in order to expedite and abet your situation to your best interests. Our real estate agents at Doctor Property bring a vast depth of knowledge and experience regarding the nitty-gritty of legalities regarding luxury real estate property purchase and can assist your cause to a favorable closure with much ease.

Real Estate Koh Samui - Doctor Property
Real Estate Koh Samui – Doctor Property


Koh Samui – A Paradise On Earth

Koh Samui, a dense forest island of lush greenery and surrounded by mountains all over is Thailand’s second largest island. It lies off the Gulf of Thailand on the east coast and is a popular tourist destination for its attractive locations, eye watering beaches and its cosmopolitan appeal acting like the melting pot for so many different cultures residing there. With palm lined beaches acting as the backdrop for crystal clear turquoise blue ocean water and a seductively inviting weather, the climate remains a heady accomplice and flattering compliment to the views that Koh Samui offers. With just one month of heavy rain annually, tourists and locals are flocking to this picturesque island throughout the year to enjoy their moments of bliss and relaxation in the seclusion of their complete privacy.

Your Very Own Dream Home in Koh Samui

Many condominiums and villas have sprung up on prime ocean facing properties for vacation rentals to tourists and with the interest in Koh Samui on an all time high, a lot of land is being purchased to serve as retirement destinations for expats or as investments. Although the Thai property possession and ownership laws for foreigners in Thailand, or Koh Samui do help the case, this is the right time to contemplate buying land in Koh Samui which is growing by leaps and bounds as an investment center and at the same time provides a peaceful and relaxed environment for retirement homes. Real Estate in Thailand is riding a favourable tidal ebb and Koh Samui is no exception. With the recent attention on Koh Samui’s exclusive locations and lush green mountainside with a beach view, a lot of interest has risen in purchasing property or buying land in Koh Samui. Although the law does not favour their case a lot of foreigners have shown noticeably rising interests in buying property or purchasing land for building their house in Koh Samui.

Apartment, Villa, House or Land in Koh Samui

Now if you’re with me till now, and chances are you are a non Thai person reading this, you must be wondering how one can buy property like a villa or condominium or purchase land for building a house in Koh Samui if the law does not allow for the same. Hold your breath, before the thought even crosses your mind, we are definitely not insinuating pursuing or opting for illegal means. Definitely not! However, like Shylock’s penalty for a pound of flesh in the Merchant of Venice was legally overruled by abjecting a loophole in the abiding legalities, a foreigner may eventually own land and property in Koh Samui in Thailand by exploiting a loophole in the law. The loophole that we are discussing here is known as the concept of freehold and leasehold. With the help of a reliable and trusted property agent, a foreigner can, by virtue of direct investments in the country’s government and infrastructure, or after forming a company with legitimate Thai citizens, obtain actual ownership of land for building property. This is the concept of freehold and although does achieve the end objective, is a rather complicated and expensive procedure. However through the provision of a leasehold for a specified amount of years one can call a property and the land as their own before the lease period expires.

Doctor Property To The Rescue

With the help of a professional real estate expert one can always buy a furnished apartment or a condominium outright even if they are a foreigner because Thai law has provisions permitting the purchase of finished apartment spaces to a foreigner’s name. Hence it is always advisable to choose a reputed and established real estate agency to pursue and fulfil your dream of living in Koh Samui. At Doctor Property you can find the right match for your needs and choose from a wide range of selections without needing to go through all the bother and complications of knowing the law process. You enjoy your peace of mind while the Doctor attends to your dream property in Koh Samui.

Beach lounge - Sundeck on Sea view for vacation and summer in swimming pool / Doctor Property Real Estate
Beach lounge – Sundeck on Sea view for vacation and summer in swimming pool / Doctor Property Real Estate

Koh Samui – An Untouched Blend of Investment & Dreams

It is remarkable how much Thailand has grown in the past couple of decades as a towering economy and an invaluable platform for future investments. And why not? With Thailand’s inherent treasure trove of natural wonders and delights, magical beaches and forest infested mountainside recently presented to the Western world, it has opened up a new road to endless possibilities. It is no wonder how apart from the capital Bangkok; island cities have also made a generous share of the entire market. Phuket and Pattaya are already developed markets for investors in land and property given their singular natural beauty and relentless coastlines decked in crystal blue, as backdrop. However the natural backdrop of Ko Samui is still untouched and pristine. It is delightfully peaceful and has a sprawling natural landscape comprising of beaches surrounded by forest infested mountains. With Koh Samui still in its growing phases and its spectacular natural backdrop second to none, it makes sense to invest in land and property in Koh Samui if not build your retirement home here. After all, anyone who has visited Koh Samui once will not beg to differ at all.

Koh Samui Condos Villas and Houses, Why Buy Land?

Koh Samui is poised to follow the lines of Phuket and grow as the country’s next booming beach resort destination. While it is still in the emerging stages, it makes sense for those who wish to buy a home in blissful Koh Samui to spend their life in, to start scouting as early as possible. However there are reasons why it makes sense for someone wishing to have their home in Koh Samui to go for condominiums and villas rather than purchasing land for ownership. The Thai law is a tricky one with regards to ownership in the country for foreign nationals. As a  result some of frequently adopted legal bypasses for foreigners t overrule that clause include arranging marriage with a Thai national, or the even more complicated process of starting a company in Thailand with partners who are Thai nationals and in the process purchasing land for ownership. However not only is the latter far more expensive and time consuming, but also has a larger number of variables in the larger picture. That apart, foreigner can also lease homes for a specified period of time during which they can accord themselves with the title of owner of the land and property. Once the lease period expires it may be subject to renewal on agreement of terms and conditions of involved parties or it may be deemed effective following further ownership ceases to exist anymore.

Doctor Property’s Prescription For Every Property Requirement in Koh Samui

With the above mentioned procedures and scenarios prevalent for foreigners wishing to have their homes in picturesque Koh Samui, it makes sense to have a reputed and trusted property agency with established testimonials and prior experience to assist and advise in procuring finished condos and villas in Koh Samui. It is not only fully legal but an absolutely simple process without any additional hassles for foreigners to own apartments or houses in Thailand and purchasing a house in Ko Samui is a very healthy an insightful investment as well. And Doctor Property offers you the widest range of prescription solutions for your exclusive real estate requirement in condos, villas and houses in delightful Koh Samui.

Doctor Property - Real Estate Blog
Doctor Property – Real Estate Blog


Have you wondered what the total market value of all of the world’s real estate is? Is such a number even ascertainable, and if so can you imagine what it is? This is exactly what Savills, an elite English real estate company, set out to accomplish and found they some interesting things.

In 2016, they estimate that total property value worldwide was $ 217 trillion. In the following year, 2017, this value rose to $ 228 trillion. That’s an increase of 5%.

The study also revealed a very interesting trend. Real estate is the most valuable asset in the world by far. Equities, bonds and precious metals are all way behind real estate in total market cap. For example, the value of all the gold that has ever been mined in the world, ever, is only $ 6.5 trillion!

The diagram shows the value distribution of the world’s assets in 2017. Figures are in trillions of US dollars.

Diagram Doctor Property


In this study, residential real estate is valued at $ 168.5 trillion. If you count the existing total of 2.05 billion households worldwide, that’s an average of $ 82,000 per residential property. Of course, this value is decisively influenced by the expensive industrialized countries like North America, Europe and parts of Asia.

Interesting facts;

  1. North Americans are just 7% of the world’s population, but they own 22% of the total value of residential real estate in the world.
  2. Europe’s inhabitants occupy 11% of the world’s population. But the home ownership is 23% of value worldwide.
  3. Of course, these values from industrialized countries also generate enormous potential in developing countries. For example, in Africa, 19% of the world’s population is living, but housing is only 6%.

It is estimated that 34% of all residential real estate worldwide invest in investments and make the housing market available. The rest is valued privately for private use. With commercial real estate it looks already different. Here, about 33% is self-employed and 67% go to the commercial sector. In this business sector, there was also the largest increase in real estate assets. Overall, this was 7 percent compared to the previous year and is nominally worth $ 32.3 trillion.

The real estate market worldwide expects such an investigation of immense importance. Not only that he is from year to year, that he also adds value. Also, with regard to the temporal interest costs, an investment in real estate becomes relatively alternative. The Styrian real estate prices and the ever increasing total populations make a property more and more interesting for investors.

We at Doctor Property are very curious how the numbers will evolve in the coming years. Of course we keep you up to date. Take another look at the blog of Doctor Property. We look forward to you.

@ Source: https://www.savills.co.uk 
Real Estate - Doctor Property
Real Estate – Doctor Property

The Doctor Property Team hopes you enjoy our new blog! We aim to keep you up to date with all the important real estate matters in both Samui and Thailand as a whole. All the important information about real estate, villas, houses, apartments and land will be published here soon. If you have questions or suggestions for improvement, then please contact us. We are looking forward to your feedback.

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