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Bangkok is one city that has grown by leaps and bounds and it still conti­nues to pros­per and grow in various indus­try seg­ments. With the high rise and surge in the eco­no­my of Thai­land through its various forei­gn invest­ment scheme, one par­ti­cu­lar cate­go­ry which is on an expo­nen­tial growth mode, and conti­nues to attract and lure forei­gn inves­tors, whe­ther weal­thy indi­vi­duals or cor­po­rates and mul­ti­na­tio­nals alike, is the real estate sec­tor. While it is sur­pri­sing that real estate conti­nues to be the most lucra­tive and attrac­tive scheme of invest­ment for forei­gn natio­nals although land-owning and pur­chase by forei­gners is pro­hi­bi­ted in Thai law. So the move­ment and trac­tion the real estate in Bangkok is recei­ving from forei­gn inves­tors is all in the direc­tion of luxu­ry pro­per­ties and deve­lo­ped pre­mium pro­per­ties while land owner­ship is com­ple­te­ly retai­ned by Thai natio­nals. The mas­sive spurt in inter­est shown in luxu­ry pro­per­ties by forei­gners has more to it than is evident on the sur­face.

The luxu­ry pro­per­ties usual­ly are deve­lo­ped pro­jects such as condo­mi­nium houses or luxu­ry vil­las which are pri­ced not by the pre­valent rate per unit but rather by the nature of ame­ni­ties avai­lable, loca­tion and the pre­mium value of the pro­per­ty. Howe­ver such incre­men­tal pri­cing does not serve even as a mild deterrent for those inter­es­ted and over the per­iod of the last two decades Bangkok real estate has seen a major influx of forei­gn money from weal­thy natio­nals belon­ging to USA, Chi­na, Hong Kong and Euro­pean coun­tries. Research and fur­ther intros­pec­tion sug­gest that more than a pro­fi­table invest­ment, these recent deve­lop­ments reveal a pat­tern or trend where forei­gners believe it uplifts their social sta­ture to own a house in Bangkok. And why not, with such ami­cable locals and the most sce­nic of locales avai­lable for prime luxu­ry pro­per­ties, anyone is bound to be temp­ted. With such fero­cious com­pe­ti­tion and like­li­ness among forei­gners loo­king to buy pro­per­ty in Bangkok, the luxu­ry pro­per­ty prices have gone soa­ring to the sky.

Stu­dies and sta­tis­tics reveal that of the 120,000 luxu­ry units avai­lable for occu­pan­cy in 2017 in Bangkok, approxi­ma­te­ly 90,000 were occu­pied resul­ting in an occu­pan­cy rate close to 80% in Bangkok for luxu­ry pro­per­ties. Howe­ver, although the major chunk of buyers still remains Thai natio­nals lea­ving the chunk of forei­gn invest­ment to be a minor 20%. The ave­rage cost per unit for luxu­ry condos is around 6500 USD whe­reas there is almost a 20% surge when it comes to super luxu­ry condos such as bea­ch­front pro­per­ties bring the cost per unit close to 10,000 USD. Such prices are phe­no­me­nal for real estate value anyw­here in the world and present a stark contrast when com­pa­red with gene­ral resi­den­tial real estate prices in Bangkok. With prices pro­mi­sin­gly on the surge over the last decade, the trend can be expec­ted going for­ward too and the values of any inves­ted luxu­ry pro­per­ty can easi­ly be expec­ted to be appre­cia­ted by at least 10%. The cur­rent ple­tho­ra of luxu­ry real estate pro­jects mush­roo­ming all over Bangkok are only tes­ti­mo­ny to the same.

Hence it is stron­gly advi­sed for those forei­gn natio­nals that are inter­es­ted in buying luxu­ry condos in Bangkok or are inter­es­ted in inves­ting in pre­mium real estate pro­per­ties in prime loca­tions in Bangkok that you consult our team of expert real estate pro­fes­sio­nals in order to expe­dite and abet your situa­tion to your best inter­ests. Our real estate agents at Doc­tor Pro­per­ty bring a vast depth of know­ledge and expe­rience regar­ding the nit­ty-grit­ty of lega­li­ties regar­ding luxu­ry real estate pro­per­ty pur­chase and can assist your cause to a favo­rable clo­sure with much ease.

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