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Koh Samui – A Paradise On Earth

Koh Samui, a dense forest island of lush gree­ne­ry and sur­roun­ded by moun­tains all over is Thailand’s second lar­gest island. It lies off the Gulf of Thai­land on the east coast and is a popu­lar tou­rist des­ti­na­tion for its attrac­tive loca­tions, eye wate­ring beaches and its cos­mo­po­li­tan appeal acting like the mel­ting pot for so many dif­ferent cultures resi­ding there. With palm lined beaches acting as the back­drop for crys­tal clear tur­quoise blue ocean water and a seduc­ti­ve­ly invi­ting wea­ther, the cli­mate remains a hea­dy accom­plice and flat­te­ring com­pli­ment to the views that Koh Samui offers. With just one month of hea­vy rain annual­ly, tou­rists and locals are flo­cking to this pic­tu­resque island throu­ghout the year to enjoy their moments of bliss and relaxa­tion in the seclu­sion of their com­plete pri­va­cy.

Your Very Own Dream Home in Koh Samui

Many condo­mi­niums and vil­las have sprung up on prime ocean facing pro­per­ties for vaca­tion ren­tals to tou­rists and with the inter­est in Koh Samui on an all time high, a lot of land is being pur­cha­sed to serve as reti­re­ment des­ti­na­tions for expats or as invest­ments. Although the Thai pro­per­ty pos­ses­sion and owner­ship laws for forei­gners in Thai­land, or Koh Samui do help the case, this is the right time to contem­plate buying land in Koh Samui which is gro­wing by leaps and bounds as an invest­ment cen­ter and at the same time pro­vides a pea­ce­ful and relaxed envi­ron­ment for reti­re­ment homes. Real Estate in Thai­land is riding a favou­rable tidal ebb and Koh Samui is no excep­tion. With the recent atten­tion on Koh Samui’s exclu­sive loca­tions and lush green moun­tain­side with a beach view, a lot of inter­est has risen in pur­cha­sing pro­per­ty or buying land in Koh Samui. Although the law does not favour their case a lot of forei­gners have shown noti­cea­bly rising inter­ests in buying pro­per­ty or pur­cha­sing land for buil­ding their house in Koh Samui.

Apartment, Villa, House or Land in Koh Samui

Now if you’re with me till now, and chances are you are a non Thai per­son rea­ding this, you must be won­de­ring how one can buy pro­per­ty like a vil­la or condo­mi­nium or pur­chase land for buil­ding a house in Koh Samui if the law does not allow for the same. Hold your breath, before the thought even crosses your mind, we are defi­ni­te­ly not insi­nua­ting pur­suing or opting for ille­gal means. Defi­ni­te­ly not ! Howe­ver, like Shy­lo­ck’s penal­ty for a pound of flesh in the Mer­chant of Venice was legal­ly over­ru­led by abjec­ting a loo­phole in the abi­ding lega­li­ties, a forei­gner may even­tual­ly own land and pro­per­ty in Koh Samui in Thai­land by exploi­ting a loo­phole in the law. The loo­phole that we are dis­cus­sing here is known as the concept of free­hold and lea­se­hold. With the help of a reliable and trus­ted pro­per­ty agent, a forei­gner can, by vir­tue of direct invest­ments in the coun­try’s govern­ment and infra­struc­ture, or after for­ming a com­pa­ny with legi­ti­mate Thai citi­zens, obtain actual owner­ship of land for buil­ding pro­per­ty. This is the concept of free­hold and although does achieve the end objec­tive, is a rather com­pli­ca­ted and expen­sive pro­ce­dure. Howe­ver through the pro­vi­sion of a lea­se­hold for a spe­ci­fied amount of years one can call a pro­per­ty and the land as their own before the lease per­iod expires.

Doctor Property To The Rescue

With the help of a pro­fes­sio­nal real estate expert one can always buy a fur­ni­shed apart­ment or a condo­mi­nium outright even if they are a forei­gner because Thai law has pro­vi­sions per­mit­ting the pur­chase of fini­shed apart­ment spaces to a foreigner’s name. Hence it is always advi­sable to choose a repu­ted and esta­bli­shed real estate agen­cy to pur­sue and ful­fil your dream of living in Koh Samui. At Doc­tor Pro­per­ty you can find the right match for your needs and choose from a wide range of selec­tions without nee­ding to go through all the bother and com­pli­ca­tions of kno­wing the law pro­cess. You enjoy your peace of mind while the Doc­tor attends to your dream pro­per­ty in Koh Samui.

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