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Koh Samui – An Untouched Blend of Investment & Dreams

It is remar­kable how much Thai­land has grown in the past couple of decades as a towe­ring eco­no­my and an inva­luable plat­form for future invest­ments. And why not ? With Thai­land’s inherent trea­sure trove of natu­ral won­ders and delights, magi­cal beaches and forest infes­ted moun­tain­side recent­ly pre­sen­ted to the Wes­tern world, it has ope­ned up a new road to end­less pos­si­bi­li­ties. It is no won­der how apart from the capi­tal Bangkok ; island cities have also made a gene­rous share of the entire mar­ket. Phu­ket and Pat­taya are alrea­dy deve­lo­ped mar­kets for inves­tors in land and pro­per­ty given their sin­gu­lar natu­ral beau­ty and relent­less coast­lines decked in crys­tal blue, as back­drop. Howe­ver the natu­ral back­drop of Ko Samui is still untou­ched and pris­tine. It is delight­ful­ly pea­ce­ful and has a spraw­ling natu­ral land­scape com­pri­sing of beaches sur­roun­ded by forest infes­ted moun­tains. With Koh Samui still in its gro­wing phases and its spec­ta­cu­lar natu­ral back­drop second to none, it makes sense to invest in land and pro­per­ty in Koh Samui if not build your reti­re­ment home here. After all, anyone who has visi­ted Koh Samui once will not beg to dif­fer at all.

Koh Samui Condos Villas and Houses, Why Buy Land ?

Koh Samui is poi­sed to fol­low the lines of Phu­ket and grow as the coun­try’s next boo­ming beach resort des­ti­na­tion. While it is still in the emer­ging stages, it makes sense for those who wish to buy a home in bliss­ful Koh Samui to spend their life in, to start scou­ting as ear­ly as pos­sible. Howe­ver there are rea­sons why it makes sense for someone wishing to have their home in Koh Samui to go for condo­mi­niums and vil­las rather than pur­cha­sing land for owner­ship. The Thai law is a tri­cky one with regards to owner­ship in the coun­try for forei­gn natio­nals. As a  result some of fre­quent­ly adop­ted legal bypasses for forei­gners t over­rule that clause include arran­ging mar­riage with a Thai natio­nal, or the even more com­pli­ca­ted pro­cess of star­ting a com­pa­ny in Thai­land with part­ners who are Thai natio­nals and in the pro­cess pur­cha­sing land for owner­ship. Howe­ver not only is the lat­ter far more expen­sive and time consu­ming, but also has a lar­ger num­ber of variables in the lar­ger pic­ture. That apart, forei­gner can also lease homes for a spe­ci­fied per­iod of time during which they can accord them­selves with the title of owner of the land and pro­per­ty. Once the lease per­iod expires it may be sub­ject to rene­wal on agree­ment of terms and condi­tions of invol­ved par­ties or it may be dee­med effec­tive fol­lo­wing fur­ther owner­ship ceases to exist any­more.

Doctor Property’s Prescription For Every Property Requirement in Koh Samui

With the above men­tio­ned pro­ce­dures and sce­na­rios pre­valent for forei­gners wishing to have their homes in pic­tu­resque Koh Samui, it makes sense to have a repu­ted and trus­ted pro­per­ty agen­cy with esta­bli­shed tes­ti­mo­nials and prior expe­rience to assist and advise in pro­cu­ring fini­shed condos and vil­las in Koh Samui. It is not only ful­ly legal but an abso­lu­te­ly simple pro­cess without any addi­tio­nal hassles for forei­gners to own apart­ments or houses in Thai­land and pur­cha­sing a house in Ko Samui is a very heal­thy an insight­ful invest­ment as well. And Doc­tor Pro­per­ty offers you the widest range of pres­crip­tion solu­tions for your exclu­sive real estate requi­re­ment in condos, vil­las and houses in delight­ful Koh Samui.

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