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Ko Samui is lite­ral­ly the latest trea­sure chest of untam­pe­red natu­ral beau­ties and delights to be unear­thed in Thai­land after the prior pros­pects Bangkok, Phu­ket & Pat­taya are approa­ching inevi­table satu­ra­tion com­pli­men­ted by sur­ging prices in real estate. So for those from the West loo­king to unwind in the lap of sun­shine, beaches and tro­pi­cal delights while stee­ring clear from the noise, conges­tion and crowds, Ko Samui looks the bets pro­bable match. Howe­ver, all is not well on the shores of Ko Samui. Even before it had ari­sen out of its shell to embrace its bright future with baby steps, tro­pi­cal storm Pabuk unlea­shed its wrath lashing abso­lute may­hem as it pas­sed through the Gulf of Thai­land.

When the ill fated tro­pi­cal storm Pabuk arri­ved final­ly as it cour­sed through the Gulf of Thai­land on, there was much ado for nothing as it pas­sed by the neigh­bou­ring islands of Ko Phan­gan and Ko Samui without impac­ting any major damage. The storm which was expec­ted to be equip­ped with the poten­tial to  com­ple­te­ly wipe out the Thai islands into extinc­tion was see­min­gly quite harm­less than was pre­dic­ted as it left most of the ter­ri­to­ries it pas­sed by uns­ca­thed and final­ly dis­si­pa­ting when it confron­ted the main­land strip.

Fer­ry boat ser­vices had remain ten­ta­ti­ve­ly sus­pen­ded without fur­ther notice as the storm was fore­cast to lash out hea­vi­ly across the coast of Koh Samui and extend onto the Anda­man Coast as well with its impact. Howe­ver the fer­ry ser­vices from Sura­t­tha­ni to Samui were laun­ched back in ope­ra­tion short­ly after a two-day stop­gap as a pre­cau­tio­na­ry method against the storm. The Ko Samui air­port which was also shut­down pre­ma­tu­re­ly as a safe­ty pre­cau­tion resu­med ser­vices after a brief lock down for two days.

Having said that, the wea­ther reports have clear­ly sta­ted that the coast of Ko Samui would be reci­pient of erra­tic sho­wers and incle­ment wea­ther as a corol­la­ry of the low pres­sure pocket crea­ted by tro­pi­cal storm Pabuk. As a result, beach autho­ri­ties have pro­hi­bi­ted swim­ming and the beach too has been kept out of bounds for tou­rists and locals as a safe­ty mea­sure. This seems to be gra­vest impact in the after­math of the Pabuk which tur­ned out to be quite a damp squid for the entire furore that it crea­ted prior to its arri­val. Tou­rists who had boo­ked into the island resort during this per­iod are lite­ral­ly on house arrest confi­ned to their hotel rooms for their own safe­ty concerns. Hotels and busi­nesses on the Koh Samui islands howe­ver began clea­ning up behind the storm soon after its depar­ture was announ­ced with no reports of any major damage from the tre­men­dous force of winds and rain. All pro­per­ty owners and hos­pi­ta­li­ty fran­chises have admit­ted to mini­mal or no damage to their pro­per­ty or assets with the major pro­blem being repor­ted as incon­ve­nience cau­sed to patrons and tou­rists stuck on the island during this per­iod. Most locals played down the impact of Pabuk and in gene­ral any thun­der storms as they are not a new phe­no­me­non for them. Howe­ver, it was repor­ted  that some very large waves brought in a lot of debris as the resi­dual spoils of the natu­ral cala­mi­ty.

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