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Ko Samui is lit­er­al­ly the lat­est trea­sure chest of untam­pered nat­ur­al beau­ties and delights to be unearthed in Thai­land after the pri­or prospects Bangkok, Phuket & Pat­taya are approach­ing inevitable sat­u­ra­tion com­pli­ment­ed by surg­ing prices in real estate. So for those from the West look­ing to unwind in the lap of sun­shine, beach­es and trop­i­cal delights while steer­ing clear from the noise, con­ges­tion and crowds, Ko Samui looks the bets prob­a­ble match. How­ev­er, all is not well on the shores of Ko Samui. Even before it had arisen out of its shell to embrace its bright future with baby steps, trop­i­cal storm Pabuk unleashed its wrath lash­ing absolute may­hem as it passed through the Gulf of Thai­land.

When the ill fat­ed trop­i­cal storm Pabuk arrived final­ly as it coursed through the Gulf of Thai­land on, there was much ado for noth­ing as it passed by the neigh­bour­ing islands of Ko Phangan and Ko Samui with­out impact­ing any major dam­age. The storm which was expect­ed to be equipped with the poten­tial to  com­plete­ly wipe out the Thai islands into extinc­tion was seem­ing­ly quite harm­less than was pre­dict­ed as it left most of the ter­ri­to­ries it passed by unscathed and final­ly dis­si­pat­ing when it con­front­ed the main­land strip.

Fer­ry boat ser­vices had remain ten­ta­tive­ly sus­pend­ed with­out fur­ther notice as the storm was fore­cast to lash out heav­i­ly across the coast of Koh Samui and extend onto the Andaman Coast as well with its impact. How­ev­er the fer­ry ser­vices from Suratthani to Samui were launched back in oper­a­tion short­ly after a two-day stop­gap as a pre­cau­tion­ary method against the storm. The Ko Samui air­port which was also shut­down pre­ma­ture­ly as a safe­ty pre­cau­tion resumed ser­vices after a brief lock down for two days.

Hav­ing said that, the weath­er reports have clear­ly stat­ed that the coast of Ko Samui would be recip­i­ent of errat­ic show­ers and inclement weath­er as a corol­lary of the low pres­sure pock­et cre­at­ed by trop­i­cal storm Pabuk. As a result, beach author­i­ties have pro­hib­it­ed swim­ming and the beach too has been kept out of bounds for tourists and locals as a safe­ty mea­sure. This seems to be gravest impact in the after­math of the Pabuk which turned out to be quite a damp squid for the entire furore that it cre­at­ed pri­or to its arrival. Tourists who had booked into the island resort dur­ing this peri­od are lit­er­al­ly on house arrest con­fined to their hotel rooms for their own safe­ty con­cerns. Hotels and busi­ness­es on the Koh Samui islands how­ev­er began clean­ing up behind the storm soon after its depar­ture was announced with no reports of any major dam­age from the tremen­dous force of winds and rain. All prop­er­ty own­ers and hos­pi­tal­i­ty fran­chis­es have admit­ted to min­i­mal or no dam­age to their prop­er­ty or assets with the major prob­lem being report­ed as incon­ve­nience caused to patrons and tourists stuck on the island dur­ing this peri­od. Most locals played down the impact of Pabuk and in gen­er­al any thun­der storms as they are not a new phe­nom­e­non for them. How­ev­er, it was report­ed  that some very large waves brought in a lot of debris as the resid­ual spoils of the nat­ur­al calami­ty.

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