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Location of Bang Rak – Koh Samui:

Bang Rak is located in the northeast of the popular holiday island of Koh Samui. The second largest Thai island is located in the Gulf of Thailand and is only 45 minutes by plane from Bangkok. Bangkok is one of the largest air hubs in Asia. Every day, planes from all over the world land here. Bangkok itself is one of the most popular metropolises in Asia, alongside Singapore and Hong Kong. A visit to this vibrant city is always worthwhile. The whole opposite is Bang Rak. Here, the new villas and existing homes are still in harmony with nature. It is just minutes from Bang Rak to Koh Samui International Airport. The Bangkok Hospital is also just a few kilometers away. Nevertheless, you should count 15 minutes driving time. Bang Rak is centrally located between Chaweng Beach and Bophut with its famous Fisherman’s Village market. In Bang Rak you can also take a ferry directly to Koh Phangan and Ko Tao. These ferry offers make Bang Rak and the close proximity to Samui’s most famous tourist attraction “Big Buddha” very popular with tourists.

Beach of Bang Rak – Koh Samui:

For some tourists, the beach section of Bang Rak is also known as the Big Buddha beach. It is close to the attraction “Big Buddha”. In the bay of Bang Rak many boat owners and local ferry operators have their boats lying in the water. Of course, the boats in the foreground and in the background the island of Koh Phangan are often taken as a photo opportunity by the tourists. The beach of Bang Rak itself is about 3 kilometers long and reflects its beauty in the fine sandy beach and its turquoise waters. The beach is relatively safe. The boats are located a little further from the beach and interfere with the daily bathing in the water. The beach is therefore suitable for families.

Hotels and Apartments in Bang Rak – Koh Samui:

The area around Bang Rak is still a bit untouched by large hotel complexes. Overnight stays in hotels tend to be in the lower to middle price range. Some recommendable hotels are: Punnpreeda Beach Resort and the Prana Resort Nandana Hotel. At Doctor Property you also have the option of yours book next vacation here. The offers can be found here.

In most cases you can find apartments in Bang Rak in the gorgeous villas on the mountain slopes. All are equipped with a breathtaking sea view. Of course, the villas are also offered as a whole for rent.

Real Estates, Houses, Villas and Apartments in Bang Rak – Koh Samui:

Are you looking for a good property and would like to pay cheaper prices? Then the area around Bang Rak might be very interesting for you. Here you do not have the purchase prices, as in Chaweng Noi, Bophut, or Lamai Beach. Nevertheless, the central is quite comparable to the absolute hotspots of Koh Samui. Doctor Property experts are confident that this region will soon become one of the most popular real estate regions. Take the chance and look at our offers in Bang Rak for new villas, houses and apartments. You can fall back on existing real estate, as well as on newly planned projects. We are happy to show you only a few plots for sale. Then you can individually build your own dream villa on it. Of course, Doctor Property can help you with the right choice of a property developer. It would be a great pity if, by a bad choice, you build a villa in Bang Rak of inferior quality. Here we would like to incorporate our expertise in your decision, if you wish.

If you want to buy a property as a “foreigner”, then you must pay attention to some legal matters. Here we recommend you to visit our section. In general, we are of course at the purchase of a property to the side and look after you in all matters.

Investment Bang Rak – Koh Samui:

If you are looking for a good and safe return, in most cases you will not be dealing with real estate. In this case, we would like to arouse your interest in a property in Bang Rak – Koh Samui. Many factors speak for a good investment in Koh Samui. On the one hand speaks the steadily growing popularity. Every year more than 3 million tourists travel to Koh Samui. These tourists are financially strong in most cases and bring a lot of money to the island. The settlement of almost all well-known 5 star resort hotels supports this factor decisively. The average occupancy rate for overnight stays in Koh Samui is over 70%. You can combine the beautiful with the useful. If you have decided to buy a villa, a house, or an apartment, then you can of course use this property at any time, but also for the unused time and profitable rent. Here are many service companies available that take over the entire maintenance, cleaning and care of your guests. The booking process is also part of the portfolio of these companies. Another important point for investors is the current price – performance ratio. On Koh Samui you still get a lot of money for your money compared to many other international holiday destinations. Whether it is now an apartment with sea views, or a villa right on the beach. The selection is large and Doctor Property would like to help you find the right property for you. Get in touch with us today and we will conduct a first consultation with you and show you some interesting properties in Bang Rak!

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