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    I was looking to invest in Samui and met 2 amazing guys that helped me and had so much patients and understanding of what I'm looking for. They are professionals and have great understanding of their clients. Their clients needs are top priority for them. I will definitely work only with them! Thank you you are the best!!!

    Engelshtein Coral Avatar Engelshtein Coral

    Would like to express my sincere thanks to Doctor Property for your help and guidance through the sale of our property. Imran and Cherry were always available to answer any queries we had and were very professional and efficient until the close of the sale. Would highly recommend.

    Susan Fawcett Avatar Susan Fawcett

    Fantastic service and knowledge of available properties. Time taken to understand what you are looking for is first class. The agents Sebastian and Tammy where so professional Iwe would highly recommend using them ...

    John Lavery Avatar John Lavery

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    Top Investments of Koh Samui – Thailand

    Doctor-Property would like to present you the best available real estate offers of Koh Samui here. Here we focus exclusively on the best possible investment. Our experienced team has incorporated the assessment of many factors into this assessment.

    In times of global economic uncertainty, there are most economists who advise buying a property to secure your assets. We would like to share this opinion with Doctor-Property and present you some of the best offers here. Based on this list of handpicked properties, we would like to offer you the opportunity to make a top investment here on Koh Samui.

    Why is Koh Samui a top investment?

    The popular island in the Gulf of Thailand is one of the most visited places in Thailand. Thailand itself visits more than 38 million people annually. This evaluation makes Thailand by far the most visited country worldwide. The ideal connection to Koh Samui, via the Bangkok flight hub, by a short 45 minute flight is the most popular way of arrival.

    Koh Samui is the second largest island in Thailand and was visited by almost 3 million international tourists in 2018. This value has risen continuously in recent years and is very likely to continue to rise in the future. This is supported by the steady expansion of airlines (low cost) and the associated accessibility of Thailand. Another argument in favor of this positive trend is the close proximity of Koh Samui to the densely populated countries such as China, Indonesia or India. Arriving from these countries is very convenient and inexpensive. The increasing wealth of the population from these countries directly promotes Thailand’s tourism.

    Further factors for buying a property on Koh Samui are the statistical tourist evaluations of length of stay, expenditure and occupancy rate. Here, the average length of stay for Koh Samui visitors is nearly 10 days, and the total daily spend for 2017 was $ 159 per person. The average occupancy rate of hotels was almost 77% in 2017 and as much as 79% in 2018.

    What criteria are important for a property on Koh Samui – Thailand?

    Which location of the property on Koh Samui is the best?

    On Koh Samui, the west coast and the north of the island is recommended for a successful rental. These include the places Chaweng, Chaweng Noi, Bophut, Choeng Mon, Plai Laem, Lamai, Maenam, Ban Tai and Bang Por. The top properties directly on the beach are very popular and generate the highest income, but these properties are also the most expensive in terms of purchase price. Therefore, a good mix of purchase price and location is the key to a successful investment. Here we recommend in most cases a property with sea view, if not directly on the beach to purchase. This is supported by the increase in value of the property itself and the associated demand. Likewise, you should pay attention to a good access to the property. There are some villas, especially in Chaweng Noi, where getting there is a little difficult. Even if you have the best sea view on the island, it is not recommended to buy such a property. In the common booking portals, poor ratings, due to the difficult approach, make successful rentals rather rare. Doctor-Property will of course support you individually in the search for a top investment and work with you to select the right property.

    How can I check the structure of a property on Koh Samui?

    There are big differences. Some developers use very inexpensive materials, especially for the choice of the roof and the doors and windows. Also pay particular attention to a good foundation of the villa. This is especially true for a location in the mountainside and also directly on the beach. There is nothing worse than poor work and expensive maintenance. In this case, pay particular attention to cracks in the load-bearing walls. In our selection made here, we paid particular attention to the quality and reputation of the property developer / seller. Good control of the building fabric is crucial to your investment.

    Which purchase price is appropriate for the property?

    Here, in most cases, it is important to pay attention to a good price – performance ratio. A supposed bargain can quickly turn out to be a loss of investment. To avoid this, use the help of Doctor-Property and benefit from our experience. Together we would like to find with you the right property on Koh Samui – Thailand. You should also become familiar with the currency exchange situation. If the exchange rate is unfavorable, a few percent of the purchase price can quickly be lost. Some developers and sellers also offer other payment options in other currencies. These cases always have to be checked individually. Doctor-Property will of course help you with this.

    What is the maintenance cost of my property on Koh Samui?

    This factor can be crucial for a successful or unsuccessful investment. There are many real estate offers on Koh Samui – Thailand where you, as the future owner, have to pay a high maintenance amount and also have to resort to management companies, where the expenses are very high. Of course this turns out to profit. Avoid such offers and contact us. We actively draw your attention to the costs you need to include in your calculation.

    What is the income from renting on Koh Samui?

    As a rule, you as an investor will not be personally here on Koh Samui and take care of your property yourself. For these tasks, there are various companies that offer a carefree package. Starting with the booking, cleaning, repairs, billing, picking up your guests and personal care. Due to the generated income, the service contract due for management is automatically deducted and offset. Depending on the company and performance, you should calculate here with 25% to 40%. Doctor-Property also offers you this property service. Ask about the current conditions!

    What annual return can I get from my property on Koh Samui?

    Well managed and unique real estate can generate a very high return of over 18% per annum. But these offers stand out from the crowd. Nevertheless, a return of 6% to 9% is quite possible. Our properties offered here are characterized by this property.

    How much is the increase in property value on Koh Samui?

    In the past, there was only one direction for the performance of a property on Koh Samui. Annual growth rates of more than 3% were common. We also consider this development to be realistic for the future. In so far as you have chosen the right property and the right location. For this very reason, you should never buy a property without a professional.

    What sales price of my property on Koh Samui can I get?

    Of course, the rule applies here, the more the better. To achieve this goal, we at Doctor-Property would like to help you here as well. We bring supply and demand together on our website and always try to act in the interest of our customers.

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