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Location of Chaweng Beach – Koh Samui

Chaweng, or even Chaweng Beach is certainly the first place that comes to your mind when you think of Koh Samui. Many people think this is the capital of Koh Samui. That’s not the case. Nathon in the northwest of the island is the administrative capital. However, Chaweng, or Chaweng Beach is Koh Samui’s most popular destination. Every year, more tourists are drawn to the small town on the east coast of Koh Samui. The tropical island with the villas and houses is located in the Gulf of Thailand and is only about 35 kilometers to the mainland. There are many ways to reach the mainland by ferry. The easiest way, however, is the small but beautiful airport of Koh Samui. Starting here and landing almost every 10 minutes (high season) the planes from Bangkok and other locations. Many guests from Koh Samui are already excited about entering the airport. The enormous flowers and plant diversity of the airport is impressive. The open construction, with the small bamboo houses is typical of places with tropical climate. The easy to
reach location is also a deciding factor for investors and your decision to buy a new property, villa, house, or apartment in Koh Samui.

The beach of Chaweng – Koh Samui

The approximately 6-kilometer-wide gorgeous beach with its partially coconut palms equipped sections invites you to linger and relax. Here are all water sports fans to follow your hobby. The sandy beach in Chaweng is very wide and suitable for families with small children. You can use the beach all year round. However, it is also the weather and the currents to watch. Unfortunately, there have been fatal accidents due to underrated currents in the past. The real estate owners living here appreciate and like the beach of Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui very much.

Hotels and apartments in Chaweng – Koh Samui

You really have a very wide selection of cheap to expensive hotels and apartments. In low season you can certainly find accommodation from just over THB 600 per night, to the 5 star hotels with prices from THB 4,000. Some of these 5 star hotels are for example the Library, or the Centara Grand Beach Resort.

Real Estate, Villas and Houses in Chaweng – Koh Samui:

Here in Chaweng Beach primarily hotels, restaurants and shops are located. Private residential areas are in most cases more in the western areas of Chaweng. Here is just Chaweng Noi to mention. In the hills, the property owners have a wonderful view of Chaweng, the lake and the beach. In Chaweng Noi, many new projects are being implemented with new villas and houses. The particularly popular location, the sea view and the modern construction is very interesting for the investors. Doctor Property has some of these exclusive villas and houses on offer. Find your property on our website.

Entertainment / Dining / Shopping in Chaweng – Koh Samui:

In Chaweng Beach you will find an enormous selection of restaurants, but also small food stalls. From the favorite Italian, Japanese, to the very good local Thai restaurants you will find a huge offer. There are also no shortage of shopping opportunities in Chaweng Beach. Here we would like to mention the Central Festival in the heart of Chaweng. Here you have the opportunity in many small and large shops to do your shopping. There is also a cinema, restaurants and a supermarket in the Central Festival. Many owners of houses and villas on Koh Samui love the short distances. The nightlife is not too short in Chaweng. Very popular among tourists is the Ark Bar right on the beach. Every day the disc jockeys put on their music and a fire show is presented daily. In the immediate vicinity is the discotheque Green Mango and the Cha Cha Moon Club.

Investment in Chaweng Beach – Koh Samui

For a very long time the wisdom was “the concrete gold” is the safest form of investment. Certainly, this wisdom is something very general, but many people have in the past with this rule very well. Doctor Property can not tell you that buying a property in Koh Samui, Thailand is the best investment strategy.

But at least we can give you the framework that makes a possible decision easier. Thailand, more specifically Koh Samui is setting new visitor records each year for guests from around the world. There are certainly a variety of reasons for this, such as the tropical climate, the cheaper airline tickets, the extension of the low cost airlines and certainly the special hospitality of the Thai people. The average occupancy rate here in Koh Samui is over 70% throughout the year. The price – performance ratio for a new construction of a villa, or an existing property is generally much better than in the western industrialized countries. For you as a potential investor, there are a lot of service providers who will take care of all your work on site. Starting with the booking, picking up your guests, cleaning your villa, up to the entire management, you as an investor can resort to service providers. It is up to you which service you want to book. Another interesting point for investors is the guaranteed return on many property developers and development companies. There are certainly some differences from property to property, but it is always advertised with a 6% return every year and also guaranteed. All these factors are very promising and attract a lot of investors from abroad. Be a part of it, too. Contact us and we will gladly show you some case studies.

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